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Key Tones 02-14-2014 04:45 PM

Chris Kresser to Appear on Dr. Oz Monday 2/17
If you google Dr. Oz, click on episodes for the preview.

Here is the email announcement:

Hi everyone,

Just a quick email to share some exciting news. Last week I recorded a segment on the Dr. Oz show. They asked me to come on to discuss a more flexible approach to Paleo for people interested in weight loss and general health. They were particularly intrigued by my view on calorie-restricted diets, dairy and legumes, so they built the segment around those topics.

Nell Stephenson (aka The Paleoista), who appeared in the first segment Dr. Oz did on Paleo with Loren Cordain, was also there to discuss her approach.

The show will air on this Monday, February 17th. The Dr. Oz show is on Fox, and the time varies from market to market (usually at 3pm or 4pm), so make sure to check your local listings. If you can’t watch it live, make sure to record it on your Tivo or DVR!

If you don’t have access to TV, the Dr. Oz show usually posts an excerpt from the segment on the website at ************. I think it usually takes a day or two for that to happen. I will email a link directly to the segment page on their website when it goes up.

It was exciting—and a lot of fun—to record the segment in studio with Dr. Oz, and I hope you enjoy watching it.

In Health,

Chris Kresser, L.Ac

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