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natosha120 10-06-2013 02:06 PM

have anyone ever heard of the bulletproof diet
My idea is that it might actually be possible. yet I wonder if anyone else has tempted it? My take on it is unlimited fat source and all grass fed plus meats and eggs pastured.. I

I haven't really transition yet. just doing a regular plan with it. not doing the IF cause of hard time to make it work out for me. However its said you can drink the coffee all day long , or morning till your meal at 2-8 when you can eat.

Basic part the coffee will not cause insulin or any effect to the fasting state. so its normally coffee, bullet proof with all the butter and coconut oil or mct oil in the cup. to hold you over till your next meal.

you do this plan for 6 days and refeed with one day.

I sortof find it hard to IF so right now even tho dairy isn't allowed have some cheese aged type and mainly grass fed eggs. alot butter. avocados 2.5 a day and grass fed beef and pastured pork loin. was doing broccoli and brussele sprouts but finished them up today so mainly trying to reduce my carbs a bit from veggies.

I was doing 1600-1700 last sunday started then upped my calories and got to 2500 then did it again and got to 2800 so my weight seems to be so far a drop of maybe 2-3 lbs .. cause yesterday was pound lighter but today went back up could be water retention or something not sure. but not bad

so anyone else have any experience with this. thanks:)

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