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skinnymama 05-04-2013 02:14 PM

Raw honey, natural unsweetend yogurt, avocados
Hi, I'm a newbie to low carb...

I'm 3rd day eating low carb or no grains, fruit, or honey. I thought I would try this for a couple of weeks, lean meats, fishes, and chicken and lots of veggies, an ounce of quality cheese & a dark chocolate sqaure a day. What diet am I eating? I was wondering if you eat avocados, is it a fat, fruit or veggie?

I chose the Advanced Mediterranean Diet lo carb but seems it may fit in with this group, no? It recommended this site for support. Do you eat natural unsweetened yogurt? If not, how do you get your probiotics?

Any ladies 38-48 on here with 40 pounds to lose/lost that could tell me what I might lose the 1st 2 weeks?

Yennie 05-04-2013 05:16 PM

Unless you're looking for Paleo specific feedback, you may want to post this to the main Lowcarb lobby. I'm not sure how busy the Paleo board is, and you might get more help in a busier board.

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