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avid 09-20-2012 06:55 AM

Banana, potato. grapes etc?
My understanding of the paleo diet is that it seeks to replicate the eating habits of our hunter/gatherer ancestors.
In the low carb world many whole foods, especially fruits and starchy vegetables are high in carbs and thus off limits to anyone not on maintenance.
Question for those on a Paleo WOE; Are high carb but otherwise naturally healthy whole foods a part of your daily diet?

kellydawne 09-20-2012 08:30 AM

There are a variety of "paleo" plans with very slight differences. Most of them will tell you not to overdo the more starchy choices AND nuts if you are trying to lose weight. I just started a "whole 30 challenge" and its refreshing not to weigh/measure/count but just eat. (white potatoes are not allowed on this particular plan) I will eat some of the things you mentioned, but not every day. I love home made sweet potato fries, but usually I split one sweet potato with a teenage boy so my serving size is REALLY small. I eat fruit frequently almost every day, usually berries, but sometimes other things like citrus or apples and winter squash will definitely be a part of my diet when it comes in season. I do try to stay with "fresh, local, and in season" which limits fruit especially.

(For context, I lost 10 lbs in Jan doing this and have easily kept it off with a loose version of paleo/primal probably about 80% paleo with 20% other stuff, I would like to drop about 10 more lbs, but the last ones are always the hardest, before that I was eating mostly atkins but had started eating way too many processed foods and cheese/butter/heavy cream were a huge part of my regular diet)

Auntie Em 09-25-2012 10:37 AM

Avid, I occasionally have a few berries in the summer, but otherwise, I avoid sweet fruits. For a special treat, I will eat a few bites of parsnips, or peas--again, only a few times a year. I mainly use herbs and greens which I grow, and low starch vegetables.

If someone has normal glucose regulation, and does not gain weight easily, and does not have allergic reactions or other problems with particular food families, I do not know of any reason to avoid those categories.

There are heirloom herb companies which offer native and perennial edibles, including roots, such as wild yams, etc. There are plenty of perennial edibles which are easy to grow. I try to stick with perennials, or things which are grown locally, in season, especially native plants.

Many avoid nightshades, oxalates, goitrogens, salicylates etc., due to specific health concerns.

Hope this helps some. :)

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