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cheri 05-02-2012 02:43 PM

Lowcarbfriends needs your help!!
We had pruned the success story board because there were some threads missing photos or some threads were not really success stories.. We didn't remove very many however...

We always have a good amount of members that look at the success stories board but there are not very many threads..

Do you have a success story?? It would be really great and very helpful if you can post your Lowcarb success story!! It will be a great inspiration for other members and will help motivate them by seeing how well you have and are doing!!

Please PLEASE post your success story.. If you already have and it is an older post maybe do another one with an update!!

We would really appreciate it so much!! Here is the link to that particular board..

Low Carb Success Stories!! - Low Carb Friends

I and many others would be grateful to see your story!!

Thank you!!!

cheri :)

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