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Dottie 10-12-2011 10:01 AM

Paleo/primal but yikes sodium!
I never really looked at the Red Boat fish sauce sodium content, but every time I add any, I'm up like 1/2 a pound the next day and my blood pressure is a touch higher than normal.
So I checked and :eek: 1460mg per tablespoon for the Red Boat (I had 2T yesterday!) and 349 for 1T coconut aminos, along with the usual amount of salt I add to foods.
Well that was an eye opener!
I'm not giving up the sauce (lol) but I'm definitely going to watch my consumption of it.

Tonedbody 10-12-2011 10:47 AM


I hardly ever use fish sauce. I am a sea salt girl. I think I have some Adobo in the back of the cabinet but I haven't used that in a while.

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