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Dottie 10-03-2011 06:37 AM

It's Monday, what are you eating today?
B: coffee
D: small steak and salad w/evoo and bragg's
S: tacos using romaine as tortillas

Dottie 10-03-2011 09:53 AM

Scratch that. I have a lot of produce I need to use, so I'm going to make a nice veggie soup with the ground beef, cabbage, tomatoes, radishes, onions, carrots and celery.

Tonedbody 10-03-2011 11:44 AM

B: Sausage
L: Hot wings and celery
D: Steak & salad

QueenBacon 10-03-2011 04:49 PM

Breakfast was 2 cans tuna w a hard boiled egg
Lunch was a shake
Dinner is chili and guacamole

PaleoRainy 10-04-2011 04:46 AM

Morning - coffee, pork chops, brussel sprouts and grapefruit juice
Night - (probabily) coconut turkey breast fingers and mixed salad

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