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Dottie 08-28-2011 12:05 PM

What's on your Sunday menu?
B: iced coffee
D: *
S: probably something light, maybe tuna and apple salad

*We keep seeing commercials for Taco Cabana so DH wanted to try it while we were out running errands in that part of town. The commercials make it look like a pretty nice Mexican restaurant. It's not. It was a Mexican-ized McDOnalds.
So we order anyway, I order the beef fajita tacos, without the tortilla just on a bed of extra tomatoes and lettuce and add avocado. Ok fine. They call our order # and it's on the tortillas :mad: So I scrape it off into the paper "plate" (yeah the commercials show real plates too) and add their pico de gallo and eat it but my ankles immediately start tingling and swelling, so there was msg in something.
Anyway. I won't be going there again. The commercials for the place are very misleading as far as the atmosphere (like a regular sit-down restaurant) and if I wanted fast-food Mexican food, I'd have gone to taco bell.
*rant over sorry needed to vent*
**The fajitas themselves weren't awful, but whatever they used to season it had msg in it, so it's off my list. Their green salsa and pico-de-galo were both excellent and very fresh.

lauraleeor 08-29-2011 10:18 AM

I am fasting-have been so busy and I am behind on the board!

Laura Lee

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