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After being gluten/wheat/grain free does wheat/gluten bread smell acidic to anyone?

Hubby and I for health and weight reasons have been low carb (Atkins with some of Dr. Bernstein's restrictions) at 50 grams (net) and under a day, often quite a bit lower. We've been this way since Sept 2012.

So we haven't eaten regular bread (and never will again) since Sept 2012. We've been 100% gluten/wheat and grain free since February of this year and plan to be for life.

After low carbing but not being grain/wheat free (but using low carb versions) I remember the one and only time we got a burger without the bun at a fast food place. (Won't do it again unless a dire emergency, due to risk of gluten exposure, plus it's just nasty tasting.)

I was not wheat/gluten/grain free at the time but had been low carb for about 3 months. I sniffed the bun (standard cheap one, not one of the nice ones) and noticed how sweet it smelled. It wasn't as sweet as the "Hawaiian" bread types (which back in the day was a favorite) but since I was used to it I had never noticed how sweet it really was.

So I licked it and was shocked at how sweet it tasted but also that it was gross. I did not miss bread. (I did struggle up until going 100% wheat/gluten free by drooling at cakes and donuts, I never cheated though.)

Anyway, I was curious about how it would smell to me now that I'm gluten/wheat/grain free. These were the very nice buns, not the cheap ones.
I sniffed them and was surprised by my reaction-I recoiled and scrunched my nose.

I have a crazy super sensitive smelling nose and perfume and fragrance notes are a hobby of mine and I'm good at detecting them. The first part of the whiff was sweet (but not as sweet as the sweeter bun before) and not at all appealing (I used to enjoy the smell of fresh baked bread.)

What was interesting and not a surprise for readers/followers of Dr. Davis's Wheat Belly books/plan-in that he discusses how wheat/gluten makes the body more acidic.

What I smelled after the sweetness was acrid and acidic and made me recoil with a scrunched nose and a the face I make when something's gross. I tried several times a few hours apart and had the same reaction. Definitely an acidic smell to the buns.

Obviously I did not lick them this time. *smile* And I was not the least bit tempted by them.

Has anyone else who is wheat/gluten free noticed the acid/acrid stink to wheat products that you seem to only notice when you're wheat/gluten free.

It's like my body knew it was something bad for it by the smell and my instinctual and unexpected recoil.


Also...quick question...Since being off wheat/gluten/grains, hubby and I both notice changes in our dental enamel. We aren't missing any vitamins from the wheat due to our veggie and dairy consumption (and meat too). I think our enamel is trying to repair itself (not that it was that bad to begin with).
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