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Old 05-13-2014, 09:23 PM   #31
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WOE: Very High Veg Intake, High fat, No grains
hon i can gain 15lbs in a week if i let myself
i could gain 50lbs in a month i have no doubt
i lose a few OUNCES a week tho
its some crazy stuff, that!!!!
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Old 05-17-2014, 03:52 PM   #32
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We are, hubby and I. Low carb (but not yet wheat free) 50 and under net carbs (often lower) since Sept 2013. Wheat free since Febuary of this year.

It was from wheatbelly which I think is a must read. Dana Moore's blog and her emphatic encouragmenet to read it and her note that she would no longer eat wheat or use wheat products in her cookbooks, got my attention.

I had the book for 6-8 months before reading it. I was unnaturally attached to my low carb tortillas and wasa crackers. They were a good tool to transition with.

I got down even under my goal weight to my high school weight which sounds emaciated but isn't-I look lean and athletic at 5'2 90 lbs size 4 jeans (I've been this weight before as an adult from illness and I DID look sickly and emaciated and was a size 0, so it's clear this is a healthy weight for me). I was at 5'2 126 lbs wearing size 10 jeans-my waist (where I carried all my weight) was 29 and is now back to 24 inches, which is what it was in high school.

Even at 90 lbs, eating within my carb range (50 net and under) I still had a touch of belly fat. Even more troubling was my hunger that was uncontrollable. I didn't cheat or eat things I shouldn't, I just ate a lot and was hungrier than I should have been compared to hubby who ate less wheat than I did but more protein.

Even more troubling was my blood sugar was still pre-diabetic fasting. It had improved to perfectly normal but had crept back up (115 from 85-90) even without carb creep, etc...no weight gain though.

This was my wakeup call. I knew I could be (and still may be) facing an autoimmune type diabetes (can't remember off the top of my head which of the two). I had read that some had solved this even after low carb and goal weight by trying gluten/wheat/grain free. Now my blood sugar is perfect again at all times.

Hubby's is improving as well, he still fights the dawn pehnomena, at 115-120 where after a meal he's 95-105 and pre 90-100. He can't have insulin due to his job, so that's not an option. He is on metformin though and since that's the only drug that is truly safe, he's decided not to up the dose just yet (2 x 500 mg a day).

His triglycerides were 157 a year ago eating exactly the same low carb as we are now-except now we are wheat free-now they are 109 and hopefully falling. Hasn't got the good up as much as we'd like 44 and his doctor wants him on a statin at a total cholesterol of 268, which he is smart enough not to do. (We are going to try to find a naturopath to test/treat his thyroid, which he has obvious symptoms of even though his doc relies on TSH and total T4 and says it's normal, we believe from what we've read this should take care of his slightly elevated cholesterol.)

My irritable bowel syndrome is somewhat better, not quite as improved as I'd hope but it seems like it's getting better by the month. My daily headaches (sinus issues and allergies) are somewhat slowly improving. My skin is REALLY improving, almost no redness and irritation. I didn't get all the benefits I'd hoped for (and yes, I looked for all the hidden gluten, etc...) but hope in time my body will heal more.

Hubby has gained more muscle in his back and arms. It takes time. It's not just about blood sugar, because that's been lower for a long time, it's about the wheat surpressing the testosterone (Wheat Belly explains it better).

We both have a little more energy, less hunger between meals and slightly less joint pain (he has old injuries that are structural, not just inflammation). It's been a very positive experience and we plan to be wheat/gluten free for life. No cheating-ever.

As much as I respect Dr. Davis and Wheat Belly, I do respectfully take issue with flax seed for some folks due to the estrogenic nature of it and the amounts use. I have a very strong history of breast cancer in my family and have had an oophorectomy, do not take estrogen and avoid soy, flax and anything remotely estrogenic.

We had missed low carb tortilla based homemade pizzas. I found a cheese based crust here. We had the most profound and interesting experience about two weeks ago when we made our first wheat free pizza since going wheat free in Febuary (went out with a bang, a weekend filled with one last hurrah of wheat-low carb pizza, tacos and low carb but full of gluten cake-we BOTH ended up miserable with cramping and gas, we both agreed we NEVER wanted wheat again after this) (also know why we'd get sick if we ever accidentally ate it again)...

Anyway, we made this LOVELY gluten free cheese crust pizza. It was so beautiful, even prettier than the low carb wheat tortilla based ones. So we're excited to eat it. It's wonderful, tastes better and prettier than any of the tortilla ones.

So we're sitting at the dining table kind of quiet. I ask him, "It was wonderful, and I enjoyed it but I'm kind of disappointed." He said he was too. We think our body/brain associated pizza with getting a wheat fix and was let down.

The next time we made a grain free low carb pizza our body/brain seemed to understand it wasn't going to get wheat and there was no disappointment, we were quite satisfied.
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Old 06-28-2014, 12:09 AM   #33
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I leafed through his book and got the gist of it. It makes sense as far as the starchy part being not great for you, but the thing I don't get is gluten. I am a vegetarian and eat wheat gluten often, and it doesn't bother me at all. It's the starchy part of grain that bothers me. And I had a thought about Dr. Davis: both he and I live in WI, and therefore I *know* he knows about wheat bellies. I sometimes feel like we're the heaviest people in the U.S.
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Old 06-28-2014, 07:14 AM   #34
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Join Date: Jan 2014
Location: Rochester, NY
Posts: 163
Gallery: Hélène
Stats: 5-4, 174#
WOE: Very High Veg Intake, High fat, No grains
NO GI upset needed

You don't need to have symptoms to have gluten intolerance. I eat wheat with absolutely no upsets. However I think I am having dysbiosis becuz of the gluten AND the GMO wheat. It's been bastardized to where it's not good for us to eat anymore. It's not just the gluten, it's the whole stinkin plant. Corn is very bad too. I just stay away from all grains now, in fact. I eat steel cut oats, very occasionally...with lots of fat, real cinnamon & stevia-- and with protein.
Replace your grains with GREENS. 3 cups *daily* (6cups raw). 3 cups of sulphur veggies *daily* (ie onions, mushrooms, asparagus). 3 cups of other fibrous colorful veggies mostly *daily* but can include some starchy colorful vegs and fruit.
WheatBelly is a good place to start, but there's lots more to losing that belly. Cutting starchy vegs needs to happen too. And limiting fruit to low glycemic load fruit, and in small amounts, eaten with fat and protein also.
There's a buttload of info out there for ppl who cut the wheat and still can't lose the gut. A functional medicine dr is the most helpful.
DrBerg. com has tons of very informative vids; he's a chiropractor.
The Wahl Protocol is available from your library likely. Awesome book. The author is an MD who has MS and has greatly recovered from it due to her protocols discovered during research becuz she was desperate to halt her spiral into paralysis. She actually has reversed the disease in herself! Has documented several 1000 others with similar results in peer-reviewed research.
Happy Nutritional Travels!
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Old 06-28-2014, 08:34 AM   #35
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Join Date: Jan 2014
Location: Rochester, NY
Posts: 163
Gallery: Hélène
Stats: 5-4, 174#
WOE: Very High Veg Intake, High fat, No grains

Forgot to include cruciferous veggies, like cabbage, kale and radishes, to the suphur foods.
Eating these suphur containing foods enables your liver to methylate which is a detox function. Very important to have a detoxing liver if you want to get rid of body fat!
And when you're breaking down that fat, you're releasing of alot of toxins, stored in the fat, into the blood. The liver has to detox them from your body or they just keep recirulating. No, that's not good AT ALL.
Sufficient methylated folate and vitamin B12 is important too for your liver to do it's job. I haven't found a source besides the obvious plentiful leafy greens for folate; and meat or other animal foods for vitamin 12. One MD who has greatly researched the folate, that I listened to, has his patients taking methylated folate--so I am taking that, as much as I avoid vitamins and just EAT FOOD.
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