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mikegall 08-19-2013 10:28 AM

Help for a "stalled" friend
Intorduced her to Proten power recently. She had already lost over 100 lbs on a severe diet coupled with lost of exercise. She had hurt herself and pout some of the weight back on and want to try something different.

She was doing the 45 carbs or less PP plan, I used to lose 150 lbs myself, coupled with LOTS of exercse (she runs, swims, bikes, and lifts daily, and frequently runs 10 miles +)

at first, it worked, as expected, like gangbusters, and lost 15lbs quickly, but lately the weight loss has been slowing and this week it even reversed a bit.

Her keto strips show she is in Ketosis still, so I'm kinda stumped. At first I thought it was that she just wasn't getting enough protein for her very high activty level so we bumped that up to about 40 gm/day but still no luck.

She doesn;t do what a lot of US PP folks tend to do and load up on nuts or cheese or other high-fat foods (because she's hestitant to believe fully that the fat content can safely be ignored)

The only things I wonder about are A) she does still smoke (working on it) B) she enjoys wine (perhaps the carb counts are deceptive) c) she recently added those Japanese Shiritaki "miracle noodles" to her diet

She doesn;t have much to lose (probably no more than 30lbs off the weight she wants to be for starting marathon training-) so I wonder if that might be it to.

AS I said, I've done this diet and had ripping sucess with it (150lbs total, 100 lbs ten years ago 50 recently that came witha side of "curing" typeII) but this time I'm stumped, and having no experience from a female perspective, thought I 'd turn to you lovely people for help. any ideas?

DiamondDeb 09-01-2013 07:47 PM

Hi, Mike. Congrats on your success with PP. You're a good friend!

The slow down might be perfectly normal if she lost the first 15 lbs quickly as you say. mot of us do have a brief slowdown after the first few weeks. One the body adjusts weight loss continues though usually at a slower rate.

If you think it might be something else, I think I'd have her cut the alcohol completely first to see if that might be the problem. If she is in the habit of drinking throughout the week it should not take long to see if it is the culprit. Our bodies do not burn any fat at all when we have alcohol in our systems. We burn the alcohol first.

If eliminating the wine makes no difference I would try cutting the noodles. I've never had them but I have read they cause a slow-down for some people.

She should eliminate only one thing at a time. That way she will know which was slowing things down or if neither one was.

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