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Weeklong Kekwick diet experiment and results.

Hey forum! It has been a long time since I've posted here however I did read through the posts every week or so.
Too make a long story short....I lost 75 lbs in 09, and have slowly gained it back. Pizza, ice cream, sandwiches, fast food and too much beer.

My gf and I made bourbon burgers April the 27th, which were amazing, but I immediately felt motivated to get back to a low carb regime(Not sure why, the bug just bit). So Sunday, the 28th I decided I would see how strict and by the book I could keep myself while trying to follow the kekwick or Atkins diet. I have been starting and falling off for over a year. It was very frustrating and depressing and I was slowly getting back to my old obese self, not good! I had done a lot of reading about Kekwick(including what Atkins said) and not found many folks online who had either tried it, or stuck with it long enough to report back.

So I did. I will post my weight change at the end of his post.

Ok. So.
Beverages= I have been drinking 3 quarts a day of either water or unsweetened/decaffeinated green tea with added lemon and cinnamon. It usually worked out to 2 quarts being ice water, the other tea.
I have drunk very, very little carbonated diet soda's throughout the week(only really splurging on sat) And whatever unsweet tea a drank (maybe a quart in the entire week) I used Stevia. NO sweet and low, no splenda.

Food= Meals consisted of low carb chicken salad, roast pork loin, a few fast food McDoubles/Double Stacks with NOTHING on them. No cheese, no ketchup, no bun. Just the 200 calorie patties. Kansas city style pork ribs (no sugary sauce, just the rub). Deviled eggs (and only 2 at the time). LOTS of cream cheese.
Now I did have very, very few veggies. I kept most of the meals at very high fat, but I did also consume what I felt was enough protein to not lose any muscle.

Keto Sticks= Yeap. I use them. Every single day since the Wed of that week (the 1st) they have been moderate to heavy, no matter what time of the day, even while drinking large amounts of water.

How I feel/felt= Well, I did go through a brief bit of induction flu, which was over by wed. I have felt completely fine, even have had some random bouts of feeling hyper and focused. I have no appetite(as you do in a ketogenic diet) and have had to remind myself to eat.

Also, the only condiments I did use this past week were mayo, mustard or texas pete. No ketchup.

I made sure to float around the 1,000 calorie limit and not exceed 1200. There were several days when I probably netted closer to 800.

Can't think of anything else to add. It has been pretty much cut and dry with what I did. Essentially none to very little caffeine, aspartame, or carbonated beverages.

Ok. So Sunday the 28th I weight 289 lbs. Yeap. Not really happy about that.
Yesterday I weighed 274.6. That is a loss of 14.4 lbs. I was shocked how quickly the weight was coming off during the week.

Today I have started to increase my calorie and carb intake to those more suitable to Atkins. ATM I'm enjoying some broccoli casserole I just made.

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