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haraaz 03-24-2013 02:33 AM

VLCD shakes and low carb?

I've checked most of the very low calorie diet shakes available and most of them have got a pretty low carb count, about 40 grams a day (if having 3 shakes). But wouldn't the body get in starvation mode as there is almost no protein and fat? Would it be a good idea to combine 3 shakes a day with, for example, some turkish yoghurt and an egg? What do you think?

Dottie 03-24-2013 05:34 AM

If you're going to use shakes as you're main source of nutrition, you need protein/meal replacement shakes, not "diet shakes".
Look at netrition (site sponsor) and check out the nutritional values on products like this: Met-Rx 100% Ultramyosyn Whey Powder instead of slimfast and "diet" shakes that can typically have less than 10g protein (and a lot more carbs) than a real meal replacement shake.

Fuffs 03-24-2013 07:00 AM

I have done Exante Shakes and Cambridge Shakes. You do go into ketosis, so my hunger died. On Exante I had a shake, a bar and a soup x

haraaz 03-25-2013 03:01 PM

Hey, thanks for your replies.

Dottie: Well, I heard too much protein is bad for you? I was thinking that it would porbably be better (and cheaper) with a protein shake than a diet shake, but if I was to take like 3 shakes a day wouldn't I get too much protein? Especially if I combine it with eating some eggs, yoghurt or meat?

Fuffs: Well yeah of course you do go into ketosis since there are such a small amount of carbs in the shakes, so that's good... Do you think the results would be ruined if I ate some fat too, to feel fuller?

I'm also worried about gaining back weight once I stop the shakes. I was thinking, if I eat some regular food alongside the shakes, like eggs, meat, yoghurt etc, I figure my body would probably not think it's starving so do you guys think it would make me not gain back as much weight, once I stop with the shakes?

Dottie 03-25-2013 05:12 PM

The best thing to do would be to plan out what you expect to eat/drink and see where you stand as far as calories, carbs and protein.
This link has a link to some tools that can help you keep track:

fourstubbs 03-25-2013 05:56 PM

I drink AdvantEdge Shakes, EAS brand, sold at walmart and Sam's. It has 17 g of protein and 3 net grams of carbs with 110 calories.

Fuffs 03-26-2013 04:37 PM

For meal replacement, the shake has to provide enough vitamins for a meal. Marked MRP.

I guess you could add fat. I totally lost my hunger after 3-4 days so didn't need to.

Some do Mrp with a high protein meal for dinner. I think that's better. As refeed week caused the worst gallstone attacks ever (I had them already). Ended up in hospital the 6th night x

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