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fiddlejen 12-30-2012 07:30 PM

IF 16-8 Day 2 - So Far So Good! :)
I've been attracted to the idea of IF for a while now. At first, though, I thought IF meant intermittent full-day fasting. Which I know, from long experience, that I cannot complete. I can start strong, I've even fasted for Most of a few days.. but I've never made it all the way to the end of even one day.

But the other day I downloaded "The 8-Hour Diet." And I realized... this really is do-able!

So today I'm getting to the end of my second day. And so far, so very very good. :) Of course I know, when starting a new diet, there's a sort of novelty & adrenaline thing that can kick in to make it seem wonderful. But still. This morning, after only one day, I weighed a little less than yesterday morning. My clothes had been tightening up--(I was using "holidays" for my excuse)-- but they already fit a little better today. Yesterday, all morning I kept getting hungry and had to keep drinking cups of coffee/tea/water with fiber added, in order to keep going. Last night I ate like a pig, and gave myself a stomach ache. But still, this morning my clothes were truly a bit looser.

Today I had one black coffee with fiber, and sipped only one large (decaf) tea. No added fiber in the tea. Then in the early afternoon I went out to dig out the car. (I thought this would make me hungry, that's why I waited until I was near my "window" to start.)

I dug out the cars & cleared the parking spaces. Then, rather than collapsing in exhaustion like I normally would, instead I drove to store for an errand. When I came back I decided to bless my landlord, by hauling the trash cans & recycle bins across the snow & ice down to the curb. (That's usually his job.)

After that, I still had the energy to pan-cook myself a nice meal of chicken and soup. (Okay, well the soup was re-heated from the other day. But it was Not quick Junk!) I tried to follow the meal with some desert, but found I had to wait about an hour; right after the food all I wanted was fizzy water. And when I did eat the desert, I only wanted a certain amount, and then I just wanted to stop.

I am so happy and excited! This is so very much like the effect that Atkins had on me when I first did it properly. At that time, I had a boss who was a little passive-aggressive. Despite seeing my weight loss (or maybe because of it), she would tell me how "There's nothing special about Atkins. It's only that people are less hungry so they eat less calories." Duh!! That was the whole point -- I am naturally TOO HUNGRY!! Atkins was great. I actually did not ever stop being hungry - but on Atkins, hunger was manageable. I could ignore it, I was ABLE to eat less.

My body's food-appetite is naturally way too high. To the point that, sometimes I continue to feel very hungry even when I've eaten enough that my stomach hurts from too much food.

To me, Atkins was a miracle diet. After I did Atkins for a while, I actually stopped wanting breakfast (whereas eating high-carb makes me wake up hungry), and I could occasionally skip lunch without too much difficulty. I didn't have a problem with cravings, because any desire for sweets was easily cured by having some nuts instead.

But then, I developed migraines. There were a number of reasons why I eventually fell off the Atkins-wagon (and when I did, it took several years before the weight came back!), but the one reason I couldn't climb back on, is because I could no longer eat my rescue-food, my cravings-resistance food. I can have nuts carefully, in small quantities, with plenty of carbs and with no other trigger foods. But to just eat a large, plain handful of macadamias or spoonful of almond-butter is a sure-fire way to a debilitating migraine.

So Atkins has been out. Strict diets don't work for me. I've been trying to do a general low-carb, with exceptions built-in, and it works... kinda-sorta. (Not so good over the holidays.)

But nothing else has made me feel healthy like this. That wonderful feeling that Food Is Not The Boss of Me. The wonderful feeling of easily-ignored hunger, that kind doesn't beat me up & knock me down with hypoglycemia side-effects, instead I can clean the car and still keep going, all before having any food for the day!!

Ok. Well. Now I'm gonna calm down. I'm really only on my second day of this. We'll see how it goes, if it keeps working & remains workable.

Although, speaking of workable... I really, really like how The 8-Hour Fast book, although it gives nutritional guidelines, it also gives Complete Freedom to mess it up too. It really helps me stick to low-carb, when I've been reassured that I don't have to. And granted that the person writing the book was completely Fit before IF'ing, nonetheless it really helps me to read that the author thinks that 3 days a week is all that's needed. He says that 7 days is great, 6 is okay, etc., but that it will work even with only 3. That gives me 4 whole days worth of do-overs to get it right!!

Oh, and another thing I like about it. It's very easy to do as a Secret diet. I know, I know - WW & etc have all made a big deal of how important "support" is to a diet. And of course, that's why we have diet bulletin boards. But we're (basically) anonymous here. And I personally find that the more people in my life are aware that I'm dieting, the more I will rebel against the diet. (This is a truly difficult issue for me.) When I was most successful on Atkins, most people still didn't even know what a "carb" was. Most people had no clue I was dieting!

However. All secrecy aside. Or, well, some secrecy aside. I'm keeping the timing details to myself. But, I cannot resist telling my housemate that for now I am on a Real diet which really does allow me to eat as much as I want of whatever I want. :cool:

Annalissa 01-02-2013 02:03 PM

I love the new 8-Hour Diet book also. I had it preordered & downloaded it as soon as it became available.

I've experimented off and on with IF and have always been attracted to it and I am still experimenting but the 8-Hour book really put a new perspective on it for me & I'm working up to fully doing the program at some point.

LowCarbRachel 01-03-2013 04:19 PM

I've read the book. I've done IF on and off for years...I am wondering, will you eat the 8 foods he recommends each day or just eat what you like in the 8 hour window?

fiddlejen 01-03-2013 10:00 PM


Originally Posted by LowCarbRachel (Post 16169330)
I've read the book. I've done IF on and off for years...I am wondering, will you eat the 8 foods he recommends each day or just eat what you like in the 8 hour window?

uM... Well I had to read that part over a couple of times. He does have a List of 8 "Powerfoods," separated into two categories he calls "Fat Busters" and "Health Boosters."
But he actually does not say to eat all 8 of them every day. Instead, he says, "At each meal or snack, try to get two of the eight Powerfoods, one Fat Buster, and one Health Booster."

This makes sense, because the "Fat Busters" foods are basically healthy proteins (meats, nuts, dairy, legumes), and the "Health Boosters" foods are basically your good fiber nutrient sources (fruits, green veggies, whole grains). (I think he was just trying to make the food fit into the title of "8")

So, during the 8-hour window, you can eat as much as you want of whatever you want, but in every meal or snack you need to include at least one good source of protein and at least one good fruit-veggie-or-wholegrain source of fiber.

I started doing this just a few days ago. Took off for the New Years (Eve and Day). Well that's okay, even skipping a couple days is still On-Plan! :cool:
Back onto 16-8 yesterday and today.

Also yesterday & today I've eaten too much and stuffed myself. :( But you know what? The amount of food that made me feel way-too-full, is what has been a normal amount of food until just recently.

What's also good... although it doesn't seem good... is that I'm feeling nauseous from eating too much. This doesn't seem like a big deal, does it? But actually, most of my life, I've tended to get nausea from Low Blood sugar (that is, shaky and nauseous means I need to eat). I don't mind a stomachache nearly as much as nausea. I often overeat to get rid of nausea. But on the rare occasions when food causes nausea, I'll basically stop eating.

So.. now that I've established that I can actually do the 8-hour window.. now I guess I'll have to start looking at what I'm eating in that time. And I need to make sure that "as much as I want," really is only as much as I actually want, instead of, as much as I thought I would want when I started cooking...

BlueTopaz 01-04-2013 06:55 AM

I started this diet on 12/28 and weighed in this morning and lost 1 lb. which is good for me. I've been on an upward slope for a long time and even with adding carbs, I've lost. So, here's hoping for a trend.

I eat (1) serving of all the 8 foods groups he lists so I can say I ate my 8 over the course of 8 hours. After I'm done with that, I'm not hungry for much junkie food but knowing I can eat what I want after my eight is a nice feeling.

Terri B 01-04-2013 07:38 AM

Fiddle, this way of eating is the BOMB I tell you! I LOVE being able to feel hunger KNOWING that I can eat a LOT of good food. I mean, FILL UP my belly at least once a day! I've always liked fasting, but was always told "oh it's no good for your metabolism to skip meals" or "you should eat 6 small meals a day" or measure this and count that.

Sure, to a certain degree, I "count" but really I just "watch" my carbs. I LOVE having the freedom of not eating at all. And it works. period.

Honestly, I don't feel deprived. When I want a cookie, I have one. If I want pizza on a special occasion, I have it. I've found with the IF way of eating, It is possible to get right back on track. I pray this will last me the rest of my life!

Annalissa 01-04-2013 06:47 PM

I don't really pay attention to the powerfoods section.

Beeb 01-11-2013 03:25 PM

Well, I decided to give this a try! I have done WW, Southbeach, Low Carb and JUDDD, finding JUDDD my favorite and best for weight loss but the calorie counting and restrictive calories every other day caused my binge monster to surface on the higher calorie up days and that was my undoing!

I eat like this anyway, it seems, since doing JUDDD because when I had my JUDDD down days I would wait to eat as long as I could so that I could keep my calories at the 700 mark for the down days. Usually my first meal was around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. I'm a night owl and I like a snack late at night so by doing my 8 hour window from 1 to 9 will be perfect for me and I KNOW I can do this, did it on JUDDD.

Going to start Monday, a fresh week and see how it goes. Does everyone do it every day? I see where it says it can be done only 3 days and still give us weight loss and health benefits.

I'm excited!! :clap:

taokeema 01-11-2013 04:08 PM

nice to find you all!

i haven't read any of the IF books, it's just a pattern that works for me. i really like to eat meals that fill me up well, and since i'm only 5'3", i can't have three a day and lose. when i'm eating LC i'm not hungry in the morning, so IF is just a natural for me. i don't follow any rules, i just listen to my body. i eat clean most of the time, so i know i can trust it.

i do allow myself occasional carby treats, but just a normal serving. i can usually do that and stay within the 40-100 g range where i feel fine, as long as i don't have something too sugary. (dates, for example, can make me woozy.) if i go too high one day, or too high glycemic on a food, i may find myself hungry the next morning. i don't make myself suffer, i eat breakfast and eat maintenance that day, instead of keeping my cals at a restricted level. i am committed to this way of eating for the long term, so i'm not in a hurry to reach my goal. the scale keeps trending slowly down, and my dress size keeps dropping, so i am content.

i love IF. :)


Terri B 01-14-2013 07:17 AM

Tao, You said you're 5'3" and can't eat 3 meals and lose.

I'm 6'0" and have NEVER been able to eat 3 meals and even MAINTAIN! lol

Glad you are having so much success!

mom23kids 01-14-2013 07:23 AM

I keep waiting for my library to get in the 8 Hour Diet book, I've heard a lot of good about it :)

I do JUDDD, which falls under the IF umbrella, but I'm also interested in incorporating eating windows into my days. I recently read the Fast 5 e-book (free to download from their website), which is an IF plan that follows a 5 hour window. I think it's pretty similar to what the 8 Hour Diet is?

taokeema 01-14-2013 07:56 AM


Originally Posted by Terri B (Post 16194034)
Tao, You said you're 5'3" and can't eat 3 meals and lose.

I'm 6'0" and have NEVER been able to eat 3 meals and even MAINTAIN! lol

Glad you are having so much success!

Terri, from the numbers in your sig, it looks like you're doing great! it has taken me three years to lose the weight i show in my stats. good thing i'm patient! :p

Beeb 01-16-2013 08:31 AM

Hello all! I started this way of eating on Monday and it's very easy! I was down .8 yesterday but back up .8 today BUT I know it's my body adjusting to a new way of eating. I also ate WAY too many carbs yesterday and I KNOW that can be an issue for me. My window is 1 to 9 and it fits perfect with my late nights and late rising in the morning! I'm :heart:ing this way of eating so far and there is no binge trigger so far! :clap:

Can someone post the 8 super foods list here? I have the book on order, but would love to know what these foods are now.

Thanks! :shake:

wildflower 01-19-2013 08:52 AM

Looks like post #4 posted the super foods.

wildflower 01-19-2013 01:17 PM

Ooops, I'm wrong.

Beeb 01-21-2013 09:44 PM

Is anyone doing this besides me? I am finding it super easy and it really is helping me with my night time eating issues.

I also LOVE the fact I can move the 8 hours around on different days to accommodate different events/celebrations/occasions in my life! :up:

These 2 reasons are keeping me on the diet for now and I'm hoping that I will start to see some weight loss soon, BUT I do feel wonderful and that is always a plus!! :jumpjoy:

tina0011 01-23-2013 06:56 AM

Can you guys kinda in a nut shell tell me how this works.Right now I am doing meat and eggs fat untill hubby gets back from oversea.Then I know it will be to hard to do that just from reading yalls post this looks like something I can do while he is home.I am going to Cabo in april and my mil and fil are going with us and I have to get this off before them my mil is skinny and looks at people with wight issues as unexcepable and I just dont want the looks you now wht I mean she wont say anything it s the looks of discust. I am trying to loose 20lb by april 19 i have lost 0.5 as of today so i have 19.5 to go lol. My hubby will be home feb 15 and will be home for a month then gone from march 15 till april I know I can do this I just need some people guiding me.Thats how I did it last time.Thanks in advance.Tina

LowCarbRachel 01-23-2013 09:25 AM


Basically, you choose an 8 hour window of time during the day and limit your eating to that window. Then you fast the rest of the time. The author suggests eating a certain number of healthy foods a day, but it's not required.

I'm playing around with my window right now. I'm doing 11-7 this week, but a 10:30-6:30 window may be more sustainable for me in the future.

This is not a fast way to lose weight, but I think it's one of the most freeing and sustainable options available.

Check out the intermittent fasting and 8 Hour Diet threads on the other plans board for more on IF.

tina0011 01-23-2013 04:06 PM

So I cn eat anything I want? in that 8 hr. How many lb per month would you say you all are losing?

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