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Old 11-10-2012, 09:27 AM   #1
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Ketone levels, the more water drank the lower the readings are,right?

I am new to a low carb diet, been on it about 1-1/2 months.

I am 58, 5'8", 160-lbs, never worried to much about what I ate until I had a stroke 1-1/2 months ago. It wasn't a bad one, it effected only my balance. After it happened I would drift to the right bad when trying to walk, had to use a walker to walk straight for 2-3 days. 1-1/2 months later I have little signs of drifting to the right, about back to normal.

My cholestrol was 275 and Triglycerides 467. The doc said to go on a low carb diet so I figured out what to eat by research online. My daily carb intake varies from 40-50 up to 70's, depends on my will power.

Here's my main question:
Does water intake effect the color readings on the ketone strips? Seems like the more water you drink the lighter the color on the ketone strips. The less water you drink the darker the color, is this right?

I bought those ketone strips, normally I test my pee when I wake up, it normally reads trace(5mg). This mourning when I tested it was 40. I thought it was a bad reading so I tested again an it was the same. Why all of a sudden did it read lots of ketones. My carb intake yesterday was average, it was not way low, probably around 50-60.

5 hrs later I tested again and it was back to trace(NOTE: my pee was clearer not as yellow). Between testings I had 2-3 cups coffee, 3 bacon, 2 eggs, 1 pc toast, and about 12-16 oz water. Did the coffee and water delute the ketone count?
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Old 11-10-2012, 04:50 PM   #2
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ketone levels

new here so can anyone shed some light on my question.

Does water or liquid intake have anything to do with what color the strips turn? Does ketone level go down when you drink alot of water, delute them?
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Old 11-15-2012, 07:45 AM   #3
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Wow! So sorry to hear about what happened but thank God you have a doctor that is smart enough to recommend LC living!

The urine test strips are very unreliable. You just can't trust them because the type of ketones they measure are greatly affected by dilution, from drinking liquids, and they are expelled through your breath, your sweat, your eyes, nose, skin - pretty much your entire body is a radiator for that type of ketone.

You can buy blood ketone test strips that are 100% accurate and test a different type of ketone. The strips can be pretty expensive.

Add these books to your reading list:

"The Art and Science of Low Carb Living" - get it now and read it first.
"Why We Get Fat" by Taubes.
"Wheat Belly" by Dr. Davis.

Check out Jimmy Moore's blog on Nutritional Ketosis.

Check out the two NK threads here on LCF:

Our thread.

Kristn's thread.

Read the intro blurbs on both threads. Kristn's thread has a lot of people that do the blood ketone tests so they can probably answer any questions you have about that.

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