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stilldews 02-01-2012 05:59 AM

Dukan Divas Fight Fat in February
Starting a new thread for all those following the Dukan Diet through Feb. We came from here: http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/ot...l#post15379149

Welcome Judy and any other new ones that wish to join us. We are all at different stages of our journey and may not always be following the rules 100%. Don't let that discourage you and always remember that reading the book and staying with the 100 legal foods will give you the fastest results. The Dukan Facebook USA site has a lot of recipes listed under the photo section and is a good place to go if you want to stay with the official guidelines.

I am 155.2 today, so up 0.2 from last week and I know why. My True weight was calculated as either 155 or 154. (I did it twice and got 2 results) That means I'm ready to start consolidation and have been doing some experimenting with adding foods back this last week. I have decided to go with 4 TB of ground chia seed a day instead of the 2 slices of whole grain bread. Not by the Dukan rules, but I know from past experience that wheat and maybe all gluten containing foods seem to set off my appetite and chia seeds seem to be a good option. In time, I may also try adding some almond flour, flax seed meal and other no gluten options in place of the bread. Other options approved by the Dukan monitors is an extra fruit daily or 1 Cup of rice in place of the bread.

Right now, I'm not satisfied with my current weight and hope to lose about 10 pounds more before adding the other consolidation items. Yesterday I did make a cauliflower crust pizza with mini pepperonni on top, so am guessing that explains why my weight was up just a little today. Not going to sweat it, but also not going to add anything other than the chia seeds this week. They do seem to have solved the constipation problem, so happy with that.

iamfaithful 02-01-2012 08:03 AM

Thanks for the new thread! Yrp! We are all at different stages and that is a good thing as we all help each other pull through this!

Can you post the cauliflower crust? I can't find it from my phone. Also, one of the Badgers pounded chicken breasts very thin , baked them & used them as a crust. Will have to look throug thread unless Amber has it & can post. Sure will be glad when DS moves in & I have access to ont 1 not 2 but 3 wireless computers! (He works in IT)

Susan try coconut flour! No gluten but it takes some special recipies. But to flour & thicken it works well. Absorbs more liquid for most so cakes etc start off runnier & bake well. Never saw recipies with so little flour & so many eggs!

I am posting Tues weight. Was feeling really light & empty- started losing a lot every day (down .8) so I dumped a lot of bot so good carbs that had salt...hasnt gone bye-bye yet. 164.6 down from 171.2 on Jan 2.

Newbies- When I eat PP my body goes into overdrive & starts to loose up to 1lb a day. I am too high in years & don't have that much extra stuff hanging around - so that fast isn't good for me (past experience). You might loose 10LB in a week & feel OK so it it works for your body GO FOR IT!.

Have a fantastic Feb & remember Wed weigh in day!

judyk 02-01-2012 08:59 AM

Day 3 and down .6 this morning. I made the gallette for breakfast. I was surprised that I actually liked it. But I really wanted to put syrup on it. Would a sugar free syrup be okay? also, what do you all do for topping the gallette and what other ways do you get your oat bran into your daily meals?

I checked out the book from the library and am almost through reading it. I guess I'll copy the list of good foods and maybe some other pages.

Bejewelme 02-01-2012 11:56 AM

Hi kids, you are all doing wonderful! Yes Sara pounds a chicken breast thin as a crust and bakes, I think I have the cauliflower crust recipe somewhere I never made it though, sounds hard, LOL IF I want pizza I just always use a low carb tortilla, pepperoni makes me retain fluid so I try to avoid it.

This was my favorite way to get the oatbran,

Makes 6 muffins,

1t baking powder
1t cinnamon
2 eggs
2T goji berries
9 T oatbran
3T granular splenda
3T fat free yogurt

I grease with coconut oil spray and bake for about 20-25 minutes at 350, delish I keep them in the fridge and then heat in the microwave a batch last 6 days the gojis are so sweet they taste delicious!

iamfaithful 02-01-2012 03:34 PM

Wow! My goji are dehydrated might have to let them soak a little in the yogurt. & oh my I would have to heavily line my muffin tin with VCO so it could soak into the muffin while it is baking! Hmmmm might have to go whip some up & put them in the toaster oven... But IF I DO they be gone before dark! No will power! :annoyed:

I am making turkey crust by using 1/2 lb lean chemical free turkey, 1 egg, dump of oat brand & any seasoning /minced onions. Spread real thin bake in HOT oven for 6-8 mins then top with pizza sauce & vegie toppings & cheese pop back inoven til cheese melts! Crispy vegies. You guys got me hooked on the meatzas but like everything in my life it gets modifyed to the PDS&D method... :lol:

Amber, you sound so upbeat today! Mom's sleep over must have done daughter good! Bet you will be glad when Tony gets home. It is nice to put a voice to your picture & words! A terific lady!

Susan we can't make it here without you!

Judy, Susan knows her Dukie stuff! She will be a terrific help to you- she is to me! I had to modify Dukie D after 6 weeks cause my body was losing so fast I was feeling bad & that isn't good. You will learn to tweak things to your body. Susan is a wonderful tweaker! You will have to try her egg & oat brand thingy! So good... I make something with VCO will post if you want it. Just use the PDS&D method - pinch dab smidgeon & dump - so everything is eyeballed. :eek: I don't use sugar free if I can help it but I spread a thin layer of P. All Fruit on mine to add taste. Had to quit making them because I couldn't eat just one. Made a big stack of em & ate them all :dunno: in one day! No will power. :annoyed: You can add some SF Jello or Crystal Lite to it to add flavor before you cook.

BECKY I se you peeking around the corner... Jump in and say hi! :hugs:

stilldews 02-01-2012 11:42 PM

The pizza crust I made with cauliflower is not really Dukan legal, but there is a recipe that is. Here's what I did.

Grate a small cauliflower with a cheese grater to get 1.5 cups of cauliflower. Stir in 1/4 cup egg whites, 1/2 cup low fat mozzarella, 1 tsp oregano and 1 tsp basil or other Italian seasonings. Dump on a parchment lined cookie sheet and pat into a circle about 10" or so to make a thin crust. Bake at 450 for about 25 minutes. It ill be a little browned around the edges. Take out and top with pizza sauce, toppings of choice and a little more cheese. Broil just until cheese melts and toppings are heated.

You can also make it with frozen cauliflower that you steam, them shred in food processor. Then you need to get the moisure out by putting it between paper towels and pressing it until very dry. I think it's easier to use the fresh. May need to eat it with a fork. You really can tell it's cauliflower at all. There is also one using eggplant that is on Utube and I like it too.

stilldews 02-02-2012 12:13 AM

Oatbran cereal tastes really good during the winter. MIx 1 cup skim milk, 2Tb oatbran, 1 pkg sweetener, 1/2 tsp cinnamon. Heat 3 minutes in the microwave. If you like it thicker, just cut the milk to 1/2 cup. Also good with 1/2 cup Greek yogurt and 1/2 cup water mixed with the oatbran and sweetener.

I call this a Lime Breafast bowl and it's really good too. Just stir everything together in a 3 cup bowl;

2 Tb Greek yogurt
2Tb oatbran
2 lg eggs.
2 pkg sweetener
2Tsp lime or lemon juice

Stir and cook 3 minutes in microwave. Also good with cinnamon in place of the lime/lemon juice.

You can use Divinci sugr free pancake syrup to top the galette or mix a little fat free cream cheese with sweetener and cinnamon and spread on top.

Here's another link to a piza crust I haven't tried, but it looks like a good way to use the oat bran. Not sure if the yeast is Dukan legal, but I don't think it would hurt much once in awhile.
Dukan Diet Recipe Oat Bran White Pizza

iamfaithful 02-02-2012 06:06 AM

Thanks for the recipies! You are a terrific lady!

Just heard on news they are thinkong of regulating SUGAR like alcohol & tobacco. Like you have to be 21 to buy it! REALLY! They say it is metabolozed in the liver to make fat & that is why AMERICANS ARE FAT! Really! How about fetting HFCS out of everything! And what about all the addictive additives & FDA "approved" pesticides & poisins in our food! Om sorry this makes me angey! Artificial sweetners are doing more to make people fat than a spoonful of sugar. People switched to SF coals and gained weight. Duh!!!!! OK off the soap box!

I think I am officially under 170. Bouncing between 164 & 168. I will see what juicing does to my health-one big glass a night. I am staying completely away from ALL carbs doing PV days with the juicng (But I still have my 10 Wheat Thins at night.)

House is progressing...electrician is 1/2 finished & I am packing up the last bedroom shoving it all into mine so I can paint the trim & doors in all three rooms sinultaneously. Easier to paint all th doors & trim at the same time but not necessarily the same day. I didn't realize how dry the wood is & I never saw all the staple holes where they attached the wood! Lots of patching! But patching & sanding is the EASY part! :hugs:

stilldews 02-02-2012 08:32 AM

Sounds like lots of hard work! So happy for you that the 160's are staying around. I hate those days of bouncing around between the 160s 170 or whatever. I feel pretty safely in the 150's now. Only down about 3 pounds for Jan. but seem to be losing inches. I had some small black scrub pants that were too tight when I tried them on a couple weeks ago and they fit fine now. Good thing cause I bought 6 pairs of them really cheap on eBay and hope to wear them to work until I retire. If they start getting too tight I'll take that as a warning that I'm putting some pounds back on. Still have some size 10 white scrub pants that are a little too tight, so next goal is to get them fitting comfortably. 6 pounds or so should do it.

judyk 02-02-2012 09:54 AM

Good morning! And thanks for all the ideas for the oat bran! I never heard of Goji berries. Where do you find them, and are they legal on Dukan, I thought no fruit allowed! Thats one thing I know will be hard, I love fruit!

Down 3.4 lbs for the Attack phase. And I don't think it is all water, I didn't have to get up in the night last night. So, hopefully some is fat, etc. This morning I had an egg white omelet with green, red, and yellow peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach and ham. - No cheese, but smothered in salsa. Sooo Good! I'm planning a chicken, vegetable stirfry for dinner, can't wait!

IAm - I was interested in your statement about losing too fast. I am also in the older range - retired. I had convinced myself that at my age, I would be happy with 1 lb a week. Did you stick strictly with Dukan and how fast was too fast? I know all bodies are different, but just wondering.

Bejewelme 02-02-2012 11:38 AM

Goji's are allowed by Dukan, that is where I first heard of them, they are dried like a raisen almost, I got mine at an asian grocery, but now most health food stores are selling them, they moisten in the muffin.

Susan- yeah on the pants fitting, man that oatbran crust looks good! I might have to try that!!

IAM- I am wiating for the day I lose weight too fast, come one send me some fast losing, LOL Do you want some natural greens drink? I ordered the protein and the greens and OMG :( I cant get it down, it is gagging me! I would glady send it I spent like $60 on it, LOL

iamfaithful 02-02-2012 03:41 PM

Amber, sure! I would be happy to pay you! A let me know what the postage/shipping would be & I will send to you. You can PM me or txt me the info. There arnt too many things I can't swallow - literally! Porcupine sent me a lot of supplements he was no longer taking & it was breathtaking what he sent to me were things I had been praying for answers. Like strontium for bone loss & hylauronic acid for joint lubrication. Never knew about the strontium but wondered where I could get the Hylauronic acid. He sent me enoug for 6 months! Now I know it is working & what kind to get. So, sure it would be appreciated!

Judy I don't know your age but I am 66. I went strict for attack & phase 2 for 6 weeks... I didn't loose a pound for TWO weeks! Then I started losing slowly each week. By that last week I was losing 1LB a day! I felt empty & weak inside! I had an appt for my physical & checked in with a weight loss of 25 lbs from last visit (6 mos) & 18 lbs for the 6 weeks. Although that is 3lb a week 8 Lbs were the last 8 days! We agreed I needed to add a couple pieces of bread to my diet...then I slowly added food as I knew I was stable for 30 day increments. So, whenever I do PP for 3 or 4 days I guess the weight fairy comes and revs up my metabolism. The only way I found to stop it is to pig out on white carbs for the day. Sweet potatoes didn't work!

That is why I say everyone has to find whay works for them! Eating plans are not a Oone size fits all"! I think Susan has stuck to plan since she joined us this summer & it has worked wonderful for her. It will for you as well! That is why I say I use Modifyed Ducan...

Amber I got my goji berries from asian market. They are awesome & since you said they soften while they bake- I WILL BE MAKING THEM after I juice tonight! I am going to make that oat brand pizza crust! Maybe a bunch of them so I can have my crunchies at night! I might have to get parchment paper -i am out- & microwave some cheese to see how that is. Does low fat work? I get big blocks every month.

Susan, I am thrilled about the scrubs! Yeah!!! I have some I paint in. Many colors on them over the years &now they are so baggy! Love it!!! They are what I have been living in almost every day... A few more months... People in town are getting accustomed to me looking like a paint rag walking. I don't care! When this is finished I will do my hair & put on clothes...I feel like I am doing major surgery every day and the "patient" bleeds paint! :)


Bejewelme 02-03-2012 07:49 AM

IAM- you do not have to pay me, I will just feel better sending them off rather than throwing them out, they are nasty, OMG if you can drink these you can drink anything, LOL Send me your address on here and I will send out to you tomorrow, I am guessing you don't want the raw maca that makes you horny? LOL I got the pills now I do think its helping, Tony has noticed I am more lovey and more into it,, LOL

I have a strawberry banana protein powder ,a chocolate powder I never opened, and the green powder, OMG I really wanted to drink some kind of super green but OMG I just cant take it, it is so vile, even worse than drinking apple cider vinegar, LOL I was mixing the two together into one ugly shot but it makes me hurl! LOL

It is Dales Raw Foods if you want to check the stuff out and see first. He is in FL.

Hylauronic acid is especially good for lots of things,your joints, your face, I have a serum that is HA, very expensive but I put that on my face then the CO, and man my face is the smoothest it has ever been, I think the sweating in that yoga really helps too!

iamfaithful 02-03-2012 03:55 PM

TY I will post my address to you! Can't wait to try your gree masterpiece! And no thank you on the maca if it does that! But ya got to have the want to prolly for it to do that and my want do left a quarter century ago. I am single by chouce but know you youngsters like to get "frisky". I haven't heard anyone else saying they experience what you are....maybe it is a special response to it with Tony getting the benefit.

I notice my skin is so soft. VCO doesn't agree with my skin if applied but is great whan it works from the onside out. Soft as a baby's behind!

Saw where the scale is being kind to you again! I pray you can feel less stress now! Rx are nasty - worse than crazy nasty honey badgers! A year ago I was on 11 meds now down to3 plus pain Rx. However, got you through the first few days & isn't this like 16 or 17 for you! You are one strong lady!

I get to play with grankids tonight at their house so... I can't believe I am going to do this!!!! I am taking 5 bags of BS Kettle corn for mocie time with them! Prolly will do one piece-just enough to say I could eat just one (like the Lays chip).

Have a terrific weekend everyone! Stay healthy & safe!

judyk 02-03-2012 04:58 PM

Hi all. Still losing - down another .8 this morning. However, that may not be the same tomorrow. Today I caved a bit. On Friday afternoons we watch our 5 year old gs because he gets out of Kindergarten early and his mom and dad aren't home from work for a while. So we always take him to lunch which he gets to choose - well, of course, he always wants McD's. Which up until this week was perfectly okay. I did alright, though. It is a PP day for me so I ordered the quarter pounder and just ate the meat and I didn't cave and sneak fries from my dh or gs. Then he wanted a yogurt cone - this is where I waivered a bit. I ordered a small "no sugar added" in a cup and ate the whole thing. Tasted great! But we will see tomorrow if it was worth it.

Question of the day -- on a PP day what do you snack on? And what do you take with you to be prepared for when hunger strikes. Today I took a string cheese, was that okay. But evenings are really hard because I have had a very bad habit of snacking in front of the TV. Need ideas. Thanks.

Bejewelme 02-03-2012 05:36 PM

Iam OK I will send enjoy the kids, oh man I love kettle corn what is it with grandparents and kettle corn, my aunt, my mom they are always sending huge bags for Bobby thankfully I choke everytime I eat it, I could never eat popcorn I always gag on it, why--I have no idea!!!

Judy- snacking is tough!!! you can take some pepperoni and nuke it til crispy like a chip!!!

iamfaithful 02-04-2012 05:26 AM

I have NEVER eaten kettle corn-now I know why the older generation like it - NO SALT :jumpjoy: !!! It is sweet without all the color, oil & NO SALT! You prolly gag on it because it is bad for you :dunno:

OK I COULDNT EAT JUST ONE! MAYBE ONE BAG! No water swelling this mornng & I have had my fill of popcorn for another year-but IF I do... Kettle Corn it will be!

How muvh did I love pop corn in the past? When I first met Jesus I had a saying "Jesus IS Better than pop corn!" case closed!

Judy you are doing wonderful! :high5: I am so glad you didn't say you cheated! I dont like that term where healthy eating is concerned - makes it seem like we adults are being dishonest and we aren't. We are being human! &lso it makes us feel guilty & then we eat out of frustration!

I don't think it killed you or your progress. But if itt did- you aren't reading this right now :lol: or you are hooked on what you ate & are going to forget your goals (like a junkie) or you aill do what you set in your heart last week TO BE HEALTHIER! I think the last will be your choice.

CHOICE ~ something we face every moment of the day. We don't choose if we breathe, our heart pumpa, or we eliminate waste products (unless you choose to not in which cale "holding it" long enough & you no longer have the choice - it will be made for you!

Every day we choose IF:
we get out of bed
brush our teeth
what we will eat/ drink
if we will be a good person
where we go/do
if we will be good parents/employees/employers
if we will take our meds
how much time we spend on LCF
...... etc ......
when we go to bed


miss.amaryllis 02-04-2012 08:02 AM

Hello everyone - I'm typing from a lovely new pink laptop!

The old computer became more and more slow... unpredictable... infirm. I grieved for it, then decided it had to go - and I'm so delighted with this pink one! Acquired it in the Sale at PCWorld. A brilliant bargain! So I've called in to see how all the Dukanistas are doing!

I like Faithful's wise words on "choice" very much! It's my lovely s-i-l's bithday today. We're having a family meal tomorrow (he's having to work today- boo, hiss) and I've been asked to bring the pudding. His special request is that British traditional pud we all love - Steamed Syrup Pudding with custard. So I make the choice to have a small helping! I feel confident now not to want to have more, or, in a taking-off-the brakes orgy, then to scoff down all sorts of things.

I've been stabilised for quite a while now, and have put on two pounds. (More of this in a minute). But I feel the beauty of Dukan is that one's appetite does get gradually retrained and that one's metabolism gently adjusts to the new True Weight.

I felt really delighted. I needed some new jeans, and ordered some skinny-style size 10's. (That's size 8, US sizing. To my amazement, they were too big! I changed them for size 8 (6). And my loved one started admiring "my cute derrière"! It's true. And I'd begun to dislike my fat arse immensely! :jumpjoy:

Anyway! My old GP had advised strongly that I come off my full-fat HRT, and I did so. Bad... I began sleeping badly, my boobs lost any firmness, my hair was less thick and shiny and I suffered from...:o... dryness. I lost three pounds instantly, but as for the other symptoms, noooo! Now, I've got a new GP who's happy for me to have a lower dose oestrogen patch, which I can decrease when I choose to, and I feel better - but two pounds on.

Seeing as it's only up from 8st 2lbs to 8st 4lbs, and once 8st 12lbs seemed like an impossible dream, I don't care too much!

So that's my news, and I'm really enjoying the stories of success from across the Pond.

Love to everyone!


iamfaithful 02-04-2012 10:19 AM

Hi Miss it is so good to hear from you! Soiunds like things are mellowing out for you! If it hadn't been for the Royal Wedding I never would have heard about Dukie! Thank you, you UKers! Ya'll changed my life! Forever!!!

Yep, Dukie changes the way we think about food & I was so happy to learn about it! When I read the basis of the program I was impressed that it incorporated so myuch sense! INCLUDING ~ Not MEASURING & COUNTING!!! To me that always felt like bondage as much as food was!

I have been stable since mid June & just learned if I pigout on protein for a few days MY BODY (yours may not react the same) goes into a hig speed run and I almost immediately start losing a pound (not UK pound) a day & have to stop the spiral. Imagine! Having a weight control issue for YEARS and then being able to learn how to turn my metabolism ON & stabalize it! To me it ranks along with the Parting of the Red Sea!

I would like nothing better than to see 135 (high school weight) but I think at 66 I wouldn't be BEKINI material but would look like a saggy prune (saggy boobs & other places)... IN MY CLOTHES. I look in the mirror now and don't see the person I saw last year. Nice but skinnier! I think of ppl I meet I haven't seen for years that have lost weight and think "They must have been sick for a long time"... I don't look like you beauties that are willing to step in front of cameras! My hair is straggley from loss after knee surgery & I am tired in body from all the remodeling (on me & the house).

Maybe after the house is finished & my years journey to better health is complete I can go to daughters & relax by her pool, watch the grankids play in my yard, let son & his family do the yard work and I can rest! A vacation to see my sis in Idaho would be nice, but I would hae to make the long drive & I don't drive more than 50 miles a day (too tiring-guess it is the stress of driving) so it would tke a month to get from KY to Idaho Falls.

I am a 33 year old person trapped in a body that is 66 and often feel like 132!

I apologize! Two very late nights in a row & off my body rhythm so just rambling my thoughts. Didn't mean to "dump" on you ~ But LCF :friends: Isn't that what :friends: are for? Thanks!

Have a Blessed weekend! & make wise choices ~ or not! Just be happy with the decisions you make! Better Health!

stilldews 02-04-2012 10:31 AM

missamaryllis, it sounds like the stablization part of the plan is working well for you. Do you still do one day a week of PP? Congratulations on wearing those size 8's.

Can't remember who asked about snacks when on PP days. I like to mix up with Greek yogurt with sugarfree Wylers drink mix or stir it into some of the sugarfree jello. I make the jello as directed, then stir toggether equal parts with the yogurt to make a mousse. I also eat string cheese which isn't really on the legal list, but the lower fat ones like the WW ones don't seem to slow me down. I also like 1/4 cup of the ricotta mixed with a little cocoa powder and sweetener and vanilla extract. Cottage cheese with cinnamon and sweetener is another possiblity, or fat free cream cheese spread on raw green pepper slices or stuffed into celery stick with red pepper flakes on top. Oops , guess those are vegetables, but they are so low carb that I sometimes sneak them into PP days.

Faithful, I have some green drink mix I'd be glad to send you too. It sounds so healthy I want to like it, but like Amber, just can't make myself stomach it. message me your address at my facebook page and I'll get it to you.

stilldews 02-04-2012 10:39 AM

Faithful, I have some of that saggy prune feeling too. Glad no one else but me sees me naked. It's one of the reasons I've decided to start into consolidation rather than trying too hard to lose more. I think my body need some time to catch up with the weight lose and I am at what Dr D says is my TW. It's just not really where I want to be. Going to try to just keep losing slowly until Spring before spending much on new clothes. I have enough scrubs for work and a few pairs of jeans that fit well along with a few tops I picked up on eBay. That's really all I need since I don't dress up much.

iamfaithful 02-04-2012 10:43 AM

Susan, thank you! I will return postage! I accept open containers from :friends: I am one that dislikes waste & I recycle almost everything! I have only met one or two foods I have tried in my time that I didn't like or learn to love for health reasons. Wheat grass juice being one of them! I remember the small & want to upchuck! So contributions accepted graciously.

Susan, I got so carried away I forgot to post my PP snacks! Thanks for jogging my brain! Here goes...
I cook up lots of meat like chicken, turkey patties, venison &keep them in the fridge. I also keep pkg of tuna & salmon around. When I want to munch or snack I grab a piece... But I aso keep your suggestions around. (IA long time ago I changed my thinking that food was a necessity not a "pleasure to experience" so while taste is important it is not a necessity & a "Good meal" is a treat! BUT lets not forget the BIG glass of WATER! Often we are thirsty & confuse it with munchies!

Guess the paint brush is calling. :hugs:

judyk 02-04-2012 11:16 AM

Well, I didn't give up! But I came close. In Dr. Dukan's book, he says to get on the scales a few times a day if you want. NOT!!!! After my yogurt episode I decided to check my weight and it was up 4 pounds!!!! I couldn't believe it. I have heard that you weigh more in the evening, well, in my case, that is definitely true. So, when I got up this morning and weighed at the time I normally do - it was just the same as yesterday - 219.8. I was so happy and I am going to keep going.

Thanks for the treatise on choices - it is so true. I have a quote on my refrigerator that says: "Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our responses. In those choices lie our growth and happiness". I read this all the time but have not applied it to food. I need to take a deep breath after being tempted by an unhealthy choice and make a better decision. Although, I have to say that I am not tempted by sweets any more. Yesterday at the grocery store my dh bought a candy bar, ate it, and I didn't even care.

I have a green drink that is very good. I had it this morning. It is called Whole Body Green and their web site is WholeBodyGreen.com. I have to admit I havn't drank it straight. I always add some strawberry lemonade crystal lite to it with water and ice. I really like it, and it has kept me full all morning - vegetables + protein!!!

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks again for all the help.

iamfaithful 02-04-2012 12:15 PM

Making Amber's muffins right now. Used Truvia as sweetner & prolly should have used my sugar (Not on Dukie). We weiil see how they turn out- she might get me baking again! Dangerous without a real oven!

Judy, you might want to check to terms on this sight. I am notsure what is legal as to posting other web sites that sell LC things... Maybe amber can tell us-she has been here a while. I just don't want youto get in trouble. I have received my share of notices & now I use care as to what/how I post things. We want to keep you here for a long time :hugs:

BTW Love your quote! Will have to copy it! Oh! & I DIDNT LOOSE FOR THE 1st TWO WEEKS! So hang in there!

Susan, I am so inspired by you! I remember in August when you jumped on the Dukie wagon. Your continued success has been an inspiration! I am so glad to actually see and rejoice in your success! Could you do something for me? I can't find the site from my phone where I can look for my TW. If you can post a link for me...I can get there. Thankszj

iamfaithful 02-04-2012 01:31 PM

They 2e awesome! Ya'll should try them! Thanks Amber!

Next time I will use real sugar but my body can handle that-cant do the sweetners-it is just different.... I can taste &'' sweetners- guess that is one food hard for me to eat. But since I usw 1/3 as much as mostzsI am good.

But try them!! Yummy! Two and a half already gone with sour ceam slathered on them- NO restraint! I am Bad! :cry:

:hyst: Gotcha! :hyst:

stilldews 02-05-2012 10:33 AM

Judy, I never step on the scale after my first thing in the morning naked weight. That is the time of the day when you body is most dehydrated from sleeping overnight and anything you eat or drink after that is only going to show up as additional weight. If you think about it, drinking 16 oz of water will show up as a pound gain. Not sure why Dr D suggests it.

I was 153.2 today! Getting into weights I haven't seen since for 25 years. I had a chocolate pudding twice yesterday. It really helps my chocolate cravings. Made it with 1/2 oz unsweetened 100% cocoa baking chocolate, 2 tsp coconut oil, 1/2 cup Greek Yogurt and quit a bit of vanilla flavored stevia to sweeten. Melt the cocolate and coconut oil, then stir in the rest and pop in the freezer 10 minutes or so and it thickens nicely. Very bitter sweet with that dark chocolate, but I really like it. I've also made the same pudding with fat free cream cheese in place of the Greek yogurt. I think you could also make it without the coconut oil but it might not thicken as well. The unsweetened chocolate only has 70 calories and no sugar or net carbs. The 4 gms of carbs it does have is all fiber, so I don't think it has much effect on weight loss in such small amts.

miss.amaryllis 02-05-2012 11:33 PM

I woke up so early this morning because it's so cold...

I really like the idea of bashing some turkey until thin and using it as a crust. That's a brilliant idea!

It's rather excellent that the Royal Wedding inspired some Dukan Dieting! No matter how much people may laugh at Ma Middleton, it must be admitted that she did look really lovely (although I long to tell her to do something more exciting with her hair.) But it's the French who have inspired US!

There was a special offer the other day for Truvia sweetener, and I tried it! I only have a little sweetener each day in oat bran porridge at tea time, but didn't really like the flavour of Truvia... have gone back to Morrisons (local supermarket own brand) Sweetness and Light; which is "aspartame and asulphame-K". It just makes my tea time treat taste nicer...

I always thought that Dr D's encouragement to weigh several times during the day if we feel inspired is a sort of encouragement to keep our minds firmly fixed on our goal of sticking to the diet and keeping us focussed! I tended to weigh again at bed time, knowing I would be two pounds heavier, but that I just might be "three pounds lighter" in the morning...? ;)

YES! I stuck pretty strictly to the Dukan Method, and always observe Protein Thursday. Always. It serves as a weekly reminder that I have lost the weight and intend to keep it off! But it's really difficult if out in, say, John Lewis (possibly the most wonderful of all department stores) to find the staircase instead of the escalator! Furthermore, JL positions helpful ladies at the top of the escalator to advise you if you're looking for a particular department!

I must know! What style are scrub pants? I take it that they're not the trousers you wear to do the kitchen floor? :hyst: And what is kettle corn? It sounds lovely!

stilldews 02-06-2012 05:12 AM

missamaryllis, I'm a nurse and scrub pants and scrub tops are the type of uniforms we wear to work. The hospital that I work at lets us wear black, white, pewter, royal blue and light grey ones with either plain top of the same color or print tops, so we get a good variety. I'm sure nurses there probably wear them too but must call them something different.

Kettle corn is pop corn that is slightly sweet rather than salty.

miss.amaryllis 02-06-2012 10:18 AM

Thank you stilldews! Of course :doh: why didn't I make the connection? There's a telly channel where there's a comedy show called "Scrubs". Very funny it is too.

Thinking of television shows, my daughter watches food and cookery programmes a lot, and the other week, I saw an American show that literally had me... gobsmacked! it was called "Man v Food" and the presenter toured traditional American restaurants and set himself to eat the largest offering on the menu.

The food looked fabulous! All those roasts and barbeques and chilli and beautifully presented hamburgers... absolutely mouthwatering! It was just that I felt that I might have eaten an eighth of the helping presented and then rolled over begging for mercy. How delectable... but how enormous! I admit - I did enjoy the programme greatly! How did that man eat so much?

judyk 02-06-2012 10:18 AM

Good Monday Morning. I gained a bit overnight, but not surprised given Super Bowl Sunday and all the goodies. But the good news is that I am down -3.8 for the week.

Iam - thanks so much for the warning. I can totally understand since the sponsor of this site is Netrition. Is there any way I can retrieve a message or erase any part of it once it is posted??? I am a newbie at this posting and message boards and so will appreciate any slaps on the wrist necessary! (or help for that matter).

I did nuke some pepperoni and it worked for a snack. (was a bit greasy so I blotted it a lot with paper towels - I will look for turkey pepperoni next time. I also found the goji berries at a local health food store and made the muffins which are great. I have had one for breakfast the last two days. Is it okay to nibble on the berries or are they limited?

Have a great day everyone!

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