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metqa 09-14-2011 10:01 AM

I need the 6-week Cure Veterans out there to chime in.

In Eades' 6WC he suggests using a Diglyceride DAG oil made from soy and canola because it is directly absorbed and used by the liver for energy.

The claim of being quickly digested and burned for fuel is the same claim as Medium Chain Tryglicerides MCT from coconut and palm kernel oil. Coconut and Palm have naturally occurring MCT can be bought as an extracted oil. It doesn't require any processes or enzymatic changes.

So, my question is this. Should I purchase and use MCT oil ( I was planning to anyway for other reasons) or use this DAG Enova brand stuff? What benefit, if any is there of DAG over MCT if they are both assimilated and burned quickly.

I had decided a while ago not to purchase or use , if I can avoid them, seed and bean oils, except for toasted sesame for flavor. is there any reason to believe that this ENOVA is not as fragile and over processed as any of the other soy and canola oils on the market?

If anyone has used ENOVA and MCT have you noticed any difference from one to the other? I mention MCT specifically because Coconut oil also contains Long Chain Triglycerides which digest slowly and normally. So I'm comparing MCT Medium Chain Tryglycerides to DAG Diglycerides.

Wha Ch'all Think?

Emmaline 09-14-2011 04:40 PM

I only have experience with Coconut oil. Adding that seemed to help with not only hunger, but weight loss. It there and no mixing....

hockey_gal 09-16-2011 08:30 PM

Are you doing the 6 week cure or not?

If you aren't doing it, then why not use the MCT since you have other reasons for wanting it and it seems to suit your purposes.

I don't know the difference between either MCT or DAG...but I have used coconut oil and loved it.

metqa 09-17-2011 05:04 AM

Good Point. I got the book cause it looked interesting, but it doesn't seem to be as revolutionary as I thought it'd be.

He made some interesting claims about the DAG and I wondered if it had any benefit other than with his plan. I know CLA is normally animal based but the commercial stuff is veggie oil based and I'll accept that for it's benefits.

But you are right , if MCT oils give the same benefits, why not use it cause I know it's safe, and it works. Thanks HockeyGal for that moment of Clarity! ;)

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