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Luvs2lose 02-07-2011 11:38 AM

How do I start?
Im waiting for my books to arrive and was wondering how to start while Im waiting. I know this is a low carb eating plan that is more diverse than say Atkins, but what is the menu plan like? What CANT I eat?? Want to plan my next shopping trip. Any help would be appreciated!!!


Lucky4 02-07-2011 11:53 PM

Hi Corinna,
I do like PP better than Atkins--there is no induction period and it is a bit for flexible. They say if you have substantial weight to lose or are trying to fix blood levels, start out at 30 grams per day. This can include about everything but they do suggest to eat clean--meat, good fats, veggies (stay away from potatoes, corn, etc--and that's because you wouldn't get much for the carb count), fruit if you can handle the carb count (peaches or berries are best), even LC breads. But you should stay in that 30 carb limit. Once you're ready, you can move to 55 per days--then to maintenance which will work for you.
I have lost 7 lbs during the first week of a re-start and I have included things like 2 oz. beets with my protein. I eat a lot of cauliflower and mushrooms as well. They do want you to spread your carb count throughout the day and never eat more than 12 (or 15) carbs at one sitting. Meaning....don't eat all 30 at once or you'll probably keep your insulin up.
I also eat small quantities of cheese and nuts--especially almonds and sunflower seeds. But I have to be careful on those. You can check out their website for more info--I don't have it hand but a google search will easily find it. Also, I'm going to post a question on their blogs--they are very useful.
One poster just told me the other day that PP doesn't have solutions when you stall. I don't find that correct but don't want to argue. Dr. Eades says that once you get closer to goal and find you're not losing, you might have to check your calorie balance and what you're eating--cheese/nuts can easily be overdone and LCing does not mean pigging out continuously. I even found that on Atkins--eat until satisfied--don't overeat.
In the past, I lost 22 lbs with PP in 6 weeks but then I stalled. I do believe it was due to a high calorie problem which I didn't consider back then. I quit and did different things, including Atkins but now I'm back to PP. I hope you like it--don't be afraid of the veggies/fruits in small amounts. Maybe humans can live without them--but they offer so much for our bodies in nutrition. I hope you find what works for you.

Lucky4 02-07-2011 11:55 PM

Oops, one more thing...you asked what can't you eat. They really don't limit anything as long as you can keep in your carb count and keep in balanced. I remember that someone found a candy bar at 17 grams and was able to control their WOE well and keep carbs low during the remainder of the day. They didn't recommend it--but they didn't forbid it either. Just think clean foods until you can start tweaking your own WOE and find that what helps one person may stall another--and vice versa. :)

Luvs2lose 02-09-2011 11:22 AM

Thanks Lucky 4! Im eating up my carby stuff before I start (like sugar sweetened yogurt and whole wheat bread) as I just cant afford to throw food away, but I do plan on starting this soon. Im moving at the end of the month because my husband and I are splitting up, but thats no reason to wait. Thanks again for the info!!


BWYA 02-09-2011 11:36 AM

I mostly use PP, too. I agree with what Lucky told you. I do like the "freedom" in PP, like the candy bar example. I always think, "they're my carbs, I'll spend 'em how I like" always considering whether or not that's actually working! :D

I have also found that *I* really do much better without things like LC tortillas at first. This time I also found other things that affect me, but following what the Eades recommend is the way to go to start. Worry about tweaks later if you need to. I really like Protein Power and go back and read it regularly.

I don't think it's true that there are no solutions for stalls, either. They teach you to think things through and to check your menus if you stop losing. Plus, you can learn things from the Atkins folks here even if you follow PP. I will consider their opinions on things like stalls, too. Why not?

Because of the tweaks I need, I keep my carbs a bit lower than the plan allows. I've lost 14.4 lbs since 1 Jan 11.

best wishes to you!

Lucky4 02-10-2011 01:41 AM

Excellent BWYA! My last start date was January 11 too! Unfortunately, I've only lost half the amount that you have--but it's not getting me down. My goal is 1.5 per week and I hope after the intial bloat/woosh that my loss will even out to at least that much. I thought back....had I tried for 1 lb per month even--I wouldn't be overweight today :D
Anyway, tomorrow is always a new day!!!!

Corrina, did you get your book yet? I'm sorry to hear about your separation. I've been down that road once and wouldn't wish it on my enemies. Stay strong. And I admire your persistance to take care of yourself even during this difficult time. Stress--regardless of where--can wipe out the best intentions and plans I can come up with. Good job--and good luck.

BWYA 02-10-2011 06:07 AM

Lucky, I started ahead of you... First of January.

Yikes! You definitely got my attention with,

I thought back....had I tried for 1 lb per month even--I wouldn't be overweight today :D
I realized that it's been 7 or more years since I first read and tried Protein Power. You are so right. If I'd have just stuck to it then, even if the losses came slowly, I would not be overweight today. 7 years ago I weighed 50 or so pounds less than I do now, so I'd definitely be "done" with the losing phase. Wow. Regret! But the good kind... the kind that makes me want to stick with it this time. Otherwise, I'll end up well over 300lbs 7 years from now! Probably much sooner than 7 years as I seem to be gaining faster... insulin resistance getting worse, I suspect. For me, with what I know, what I've experienced in the past, 300lbs is kind of a line in the sand, ya know? So thanks for that. I needed to hear it.

I have over 100lbs to lose, so I am shooting for 2lbs a week. I know it will only get harder to meet that goal, the less weight I have to lose, so I'm trying to see if I can tweak things and keep my pace closer to 3lbs/week for now so I can still hit 100lbs lost by the end of the year.

I hope you don't feel hijacked, Corinna! I don't see a lot of PP posts (though I saw 2 yesterday!) so it's nice to find them when I do.

Luvs2lose 02-10-2011 08:15 AM

Hijack away! Nice to have conversation with folks on the plan. Im moving on the 26th. When I go shopping it will be PP all the way. I havent got my books yet, but anyday they should be here! Cant wait.


BWYA 02-10-2011 08:36 AM

Glad hijacking is okay! :hugs:

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