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Old 02-18-2013, 03:00 PM   #301
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Have you started the plan yet. I tried today but was feeling really weird after the second shake, nauseated and REALLY hungry. I ended up eating a regular lunch and dinner meal.
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Old 02-19-2013, 12:02 PM   #302
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I did start this morning with a shake, but couldn't face the day without a cup of coffee. I had completely forgotten about the no cafeine rule
Anyway, I also developed a massive migraine and have spent most of the day in bed taking pain killers. So much for the liver detox.... I'm still not 100% well. I am thinking I'll either have to ignore the no cafeine part (wonder if it'll still work?) or slowly reduce the amount of coffee I drink.
By lunch time I was so hungry and ill, I just gave up and had a regular low carb meal and that's what I'm planning to have for dinner, too.
This plan is a lot more complicated than I remembered. I really don't know what to do. Try again tomorrow (w/coffee) or postpone another week and quit the cafeine????

Do you drink coffee? Are you planning to try again tomorrow?
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Old 03-15-2013, 10:28 AM   #303
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Hi all!

Well, turns out the weight loss for my mom and I slowed to a stop after my last post and only came back once we got to "meat week" on the 6 Week Cure. I was bloated and just not feeling skinny on shake weeks, even thought it really did cure ALL cravings for both of us! So I googled and finally found someone who measures their blood often and said the shakes make her blood sugar soar! That would explain why I got tired after drinking a shake. Turns out the extra protein you body doesn't use turns into glucose...everyone on here seems to have known that but me! :-)

SO - since then I have done a good amount of research and we have been doing the following for the past week with HUGE success - far better than even meat week alone:

Bulletproof diet (intermittant fasting and bulletproof coffee (BPC) - although I do it with herbal tea or unsweetened cocoa)
Nutritional ketosis (NK) diet (approx 85/15/5 with 70-90g or so of protein a day in meat and eggs and only veggies for carbs)

I always like to hear what people are eating exactly, and when, so here is what both my Mom and I have been doing with huge success:

8am: Bulletproof Coffee/Cocoa
8oz hot water (for cocoa) or hot coffee
2T kerry gold unsalted butter
1T spectrum coconut oil
1T now mct oil
1tsp hershey's unsweetened cocoa
pink himalayan salt
stevia to taste (i love english toffee)
throw it all into a preheated blender (put hot tap into it for a few minutes, then dump and add hot coffee), blend for 2 minutes and drink up

10am: Bulletproof Coffee/Cocoa
(only if we are hungry - the longer we are on this diet, the less often either of us needs this cup...just not hungry!)

11am: Breakfast
3 sausage links or bacon strips
2 fried eggs cooked in the drippings
1/3 cup sauteed spinach with lots of butter and pink himalayan salt

2pm: Bulletproof Coffee/Cocoa
(only if hungry - which I usually am)

5 or 6pm: Dinner
5oz or so of chicken/steak/pork chops etc.
1/2cup of sauteed spinach or other veggie - lots of butter and salt
sauce made from drippings of protein with two tablespoons of homemade mayo mixed with immersion blender until it emulsifies into a sauce

7 or 8pm: Bulletproof Cocoa or Fat Bomb
(only if hungry - we rarely have this if you can believe it...just not interested or hungry...SO happy to be finally free from cravings!!! :-) you can google fat bomb recipe...I pour it into mini ice cube trays and freeze and store in large baggie)

IMPORTANT: I have to mention - over the last week I was getting very strong heart palpitations and very strong anxiety (not normal for me) which I read could be from coconut oil and mct oil or just strong ketosis in general. I was VERY sad because I was finally losing weight faster than I ever have, but didn't want to to die! Then I remembered in the 6 Week Cure book how Dr. Eades said you need salt and POTASSIUM on low carb diets or you could get those side effects. I took 4 of my 99mg potassium pills, and within 2 minutes the anxiety and heart palpitations were GONE. I also started adding a good amount of pink himalayan salt to my bulletproof cocoa - using english toffee stevia to sweeten and have to say its yummy - salted caramel type of thing.

I just had a bulletproof cocoa with 2T kerry butter, 1T coconut and 1T mct oil to see if the anxiety and heart palpitations would return...and nothing! HEALED! JOY!!

Heading over to NK march thread...good luck everyone!!
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Old 06-23-2013, 01:22 PM   #304
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Ditto . . what's happening?
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