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Mimosa23 08-07-2013 08:16 AM

Who's fermenting what?
So with all the enthusiasm for fermented drinks such as Kefir and Kombucha, I thought I'd ask and see if people are fermenting other foods...

I am thinking about making my own lacto fermented saurkraut and maybe experiment with making some pickled bell peppers: we're having a bumper crop this year, and I can't eat them all!

... Maybe I can pickle some tomatoes as well!

I've bought some traditional pickling crocks here in Germany, hopefully I'll get the hang of it all!

terez 08-07-2013 11:27 AM

I just do kombucha and kefir and I drink homemade bone broth every day. I have 'leaky gut' syndrome, which means I have all kinds of allergies because I took a lot of antibiotics when my bronchitis was really bad. It's getting better, but it takes a long time.

The lady that I buy my bones from says one of her friend's daughter had her medical chart changed to show that she was not autistic. Or no longer autistic. Before that, she had symptoms. Not anymore. But she does her own lacto fermented veggies, sour cream, etc. She made everything by scratch.

I just take a couple of probiotics and eat kim chee along with the above.

Stella_g 08-07-2013 05:25 PM

I have some purple ginger kraut fermenting now. Put those sweet crocks to use!! (I am majorly envious..)
The kraut I do follows Katz's basic recipe using purple cabbage. Calls for between 1/2 and 3/4 T sea salt per pound and then I add a whole mess of grated fresh ginger. It's the best!

Sirtain 08-07-2013 06:12 PM

I just started doing my own kombucha. :) I also have sauerkraut, beets, gingered carrots, and red cabbage fermenting, and, of course, yogurt! I think my next experiment will be brining some beef.

Mimosa23 08-08-2013 12:12 AM

It all sounds delicious!

I've currently got Kombucha, Kefir and Yogurt going, and this weekend I may brave it and start my first saurkraut!!! The supply I was getting at my local organic supermarket has stopped for now, and the only stuff I can get is pasteurised, which removes most of the goodness. All the more reason to start some myself!

Sirtain, let me know how it goes with the beef, am very interested to hear about it!

I also have the Katz book, once I get the hang of things with my saurkraut, I'll have to look for more recipes in the book.

Ailuros 08-08-2013 02:37 AM

I have some kefir in the back of the fridge. Must dig it out. And I’ve made sauerkraut in the past — one of many things that was abandoned while I had no energy.

E.W. 08-08-2013 04:07 AM

Terez, our old friend L-glutamine which fights carb cravings is suposed to be good for leaky gut also.

L-glutamine & A Leaky Gut | LIVESTRONG.COM

Sirtain 08-08-2013 07:52 AM

I started fermenting with the recipes from 'Nourishing Traditions'. There aren't LOTS, but it a good start, and they explain the science of it in a very approachable way.

Mimosa23 08-08-2013 08:04 AM

I like Nourishing Traditions too... This got me onto the whole thing of eating more live foods and really taking care of what and how I eat. I love that book! Some great recipes in there.

I love the baba ganoush recipe too! It is absolutely delicious! (nothing to do with fermented foods, so I'm jacking my own thread, LOL)

terez 08-08-2013 09:54 AM


Originally Posted by E.W. (Post 16550714)
Terez, our old friend L-glutamine which fights carb cravings is suposed to be good for leaky gut also.

L-glutamine & A Leaky Gut | LIVESTRONG.COM

Whoa! THANK YOU!!!! I'll get some today!

I also have the Nourishing Traditions cookbook and I love it. I'm still a little squeamish about some of the organ meat recipes, although, if it's not toxic, I'd like to make pate out of chicken or duck livers.

The NT book doesn't say anything about liver being toxic, I wonder if it's just a current myth?

They talk about duck fat, and, I'm guessing that it's rendered duck fat that people use, although some of the wine and cheese places around here sell it raw. Heck, buying a whole duck and rendering it out might even be cheaper.

Oop! Thread jack.

Although I have eaten yogurt and homemade yogurt with no improvement in symptoms. I did feel better after drinking kefir.

Teazel 08-12-2013 06:52 AM

I've just finished up fermenting my second batch of garlic dill pickles and tomato salsa. I'm hoping to do one more batch of pickles this year (if I can still find pickling cucumbers). Still plan on doing a daikon kimchee and a sauerkraut.

I love Nourishing Traditions, but their fermenting times are too short (especially for sauerkraut which I let ferment for at least a month if not longer). Wild Fermentation (Sandor Katz) is a good book for fermentation as is his newer book "The Art of Fermentation"

SheriF 08-14-2013 05:34 PM

I've been making kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut for a few years. I'm making my first batch of pickles in a crock now. They are starting to smell wonderful! There's a good sauerkraut recipe here: MomsForSafeFood.org

Ailuros 08-14-2013 11:48 PM

It’s not quite fermenting, but does anybody make cottage cheese? We have some raw milk delivered once a week, but we’re not quite managing to use it all. I was wondering about having a go at making cottage cheese with the excess.

I did try a few years back, and I remember it being a bit fiddly, but I think I was being terribly purist and refusing to use rennet or acid to make it curdle properly. With just yoghurt culture, it took forever keeping it at just the right temperature, turning the gas off and on. If I’m doing it regularly I need it to be a bit less bother.

Mimosa23 08-15-2013 01:00 AM

Ailuros, I've not made cottage cheese yet, but do get back here to let us know how it went!

I made some lovely creamy yoghurt the other day using turkish yoghurt as a starter and raw milk and some organic cream to increase the creaminess. Turned out absolutely lovely!

SheriF 08-15-2013 06:45 PM

I've been making farmers cheese with raw milk. It's SO easy. 1 gallon raw milk, heat to 190 degrees stirring occasionally so it doesn't burn. Mix in 1/2 cup vinegar and let it curdle for a few minutes. The liquid (whey) needs to be yellow or you haven't heated it enough. Then I strain it through cheese cloth. That's farmer cheese or a ricotta/cottage type cheese. I've been making a herb cheese with mine. Once I strain it (cheese cloth in a metal colandar) I mix in chives and basil and minced garlic, then I mix in 1 tablespoon celtic salt. tie up the cheesecloth so you have a round and squeeze out any more whey. Then I take it out of the cheesecloth and carefully unwrap it, and put it into a container in the fridge. Once it cools you can slice it and it's great. :-)

Mimosa23 08-16-2013 12:11 AM

That sounds so easy and delicious, I will definitely try this once I get my hands on some raw milk again! Thanks for the instructions, SheriF!

Ailuros 08-16-2013 12:13 AM

Thank you, SheriF! How much cheese do you get from that?

Jigglebuster 11-24-2013 01:01 PM

Hi Everyone!

I stopped using a fridge last summer - a little over a year now, so have been really delving into the world of fermented foods, which is very exciting, I must say!

I've always made kimchi (Korean cabbage/daikon), so I have some daikon kimchi. but in the last couple months have expanded to sauerkraut, pickled ginger, pickled beets, green bean and carrot pickles (fermented - no vinegar), and my newest as of yesterday... miso.

I love how easy this is all turning out to be. I do have one question though in regards to my sauerkraut, if you don't mind....

I use a simple jar to make it, and in doing so, place the jar in a bowl to catch the overflow from the initial fermenting process. However, in the process, although my sauerkraut turns out very lovely and it takes me about a month to eat it all, there is no juice left after the initial few days of rupture. Should I pour it back in???


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