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cindy_cfids 05-27-2009 07:38 AM

Kombucha Tea (KT) vs (ACV) Vinegar (raw apple cider) & raw honey
I've posted this in the Kombucha thread already but I'm hoping to get more opinions, comments or insights (hint hint Fawn :notwrthy:) from folks more knowledgeable than myself and maybe I'll quit hijacking the Kombucha thread :laugh: I know nothing about biochemistry, no clue about acetic acid, gluconic acid etc. but my goal is restoring my health and Kombucha is my current focus. I'm hoping some of you more knowledgeable folks can help clarify my thoughts. The main reason I got interested in KT is I had always heard the health benefits of raw vinegar but it must have the mother and couldn't find it locally. Then I heard about KT and brewing with the mother, so thought I would give that a try. Expected more of a medicinal tonic, wasn't expecting it to come out like soda pop & to enjoy it SO much. :kicking:

Kombucha tea (KT) vs Raw Apple cider vinegar (ACV) - makes me go hmmmm - both touted as health promoting items. Are they based on the same base for healing?? And if a KT mother can be transformed to a vinegar mother by innoculating it with ACV, why not? ACV is 5% acetic acid - KT is 1% but ACV has NO gluconic acid and they say that is the difference & the healing benefit of KT. In 1958, Dr.Jarvis touted ACV, raw honey (and kelp?) as a healing elixir. The low carb folks are pftttting ACV as useless (for them) after giving it a trial but low carb folks are using stevia etc. NOT honey. What is the healing aspect of raw honey? Gluconic acid - hmmmmmm - would raw honey & ACV give you a super potent version of KT??? or maybe just a version?? Maybe a synergy exists that is more powerful than either of the components, hmmm. Would there be a synergy with KT AND ACV AND honey all together?? I have lots of questions and this is a whole new field that I know nothing about. Unfortunately KT nor vinegar have few studies, there is no $$ motivation in either one, so there is lil research for one to access mostly anecdotal information.

Check out this (editted - my emphasis) post from aryn12205 on the low carb message board -
Apple Cider Vinegar weight loss wonder

9/2008 All this happened in a 30 day period. My MIL who was 200+ lbs lost 40 lbs & 8 inches off her waist with a tonic of Apple Cider Vinegar. She hasn't even changed her eating habits-which are rather bad usually. She claims she has energy that she has missed for over 10 years. I can see the energy, how slim she is now, the fact that she looks YOUNGER. Her skin is rosy, it used to be an ashy, splotchy color, full of wrinkles. Her previously thin hair is lustrous & getting thicker!
Her 3x daily tonic = 2tsp of Braggs Pure Unfiltered ACV (must contain "Mother"), 2 TBLS of LOCAL Honey & 8 oz of pure filtered water.
5/2009 update requested - My MIL lost 20 more lbs (total 60#) & attributes it to the ACV she takes 3x a day. Her hunger and cravings have been significantly curbed, her type 2 diabetes is completely gone, and her overall energy has improved.

Vinegar is relatively CHEAP, even the expensive stuff. (KT is cheap if you make it yourself) Jarvis and others weren't motivated by the sale of this item only their enthusiasm. Jarvis experimented on a lot of people before going public with his claims. The poster above has no motivation other than to share a miraculous change. Her symptoms sound suspiciously like a thyroid finally working. I've been low carbing for my health for the past 5 years, losing 40# was a nice side benefit but my goal was to quit gaining weight (I didn't think weight loss was possible without hunger and exercise) I lost another 70# after being stuck for years when I started thyroid meds. Finding proper dosage is a very slow process and even 2 years later have not found my dosage so have not reaped all benefits from meds. (still hoping though)

I have been drinking Kombucha tea for the past 4 months. I can *feel* it doing something, but that may be something akin to an alcohol flush, because I haven't noticed any real differences, good or bad. It already has sour, vinegary but enjoyable undertones so adding ACV is barely noticeable. I plan on adding ACV & honey (when it gets here, won't be local, but I can't get out to look) to my Kombucha and drink that throughout the day and hope for a 30 day miracle also. Maybe even ferment the honey in the ACV (no yeast, no mead, shouldn't be alcoholic) like KT for a week or a month. Neither oxidize nor require refrigeration after opening. (3 parts ACV to 1 part honey)

Any thoughts, comments or insights would be greatly appreciated.

CindyCRNA 05-27-2009 11:54 AM

In all honesty, I don't know what Kombucha is. I read the thread and have an idea but am going to do the Bragg ACV. I don't know if people use the honey to help the flavor or for health benefits. I'm adding 1T ACV to a glass of Fiberfit sweetened green tea 3 times a day. I too am anxious to hear from others.

frogfarm 05-27-2009 12:26 PM


Originally Posted by CindyCRNA (Post 12024100)
In all honesty, I don't know what Kombucha is.

You're not alone :)

This is one of the more amusing articles I came across: My Adventures With the Blob. Being an expert in mushrooms (which the kombucha mother is not) and a semi-paranoid lab geek, he concludes that it isn't worth the risk. I'd counter that people have apparently been drinking it for thousands of years in non-laboratory-sterile conditions and doing just fine! Of course, some folks are also convinced that drinking raw milk is one step removed from chugging raw sewage...

It'd be nice if more in-depth research has been done since this article was written. Otherwise, as far as we know, the mother is what's known as a zoogleal mat, holding "a polyculture of at least two yeasts and two bacteria, living synergistically". And kombucha as we know it is produced by inoculating sugared green or black tea with the mother and letting it ferment.

terez 05-27-2009 01:48 PM

OK, if someone's mother in law can drop weight drinking (blech!) Bragg's raw apple cider vinegar, I would be GREATLY interested in hearing all about it. !!!!!

If I can stand drinking pure noni juice, I'm sure I can adjust to (blech!) Bragg's raw ACV. Just thinking about the (blech!) taste makes my eyes water.

The kombucha thread is really interesting. Too bad I don't have a PhD in Chemistry to understand it.

CindyCRNA 05-27-2009 07:01 PM

I put 1T of Bragg's ACV in 12 oz of Fiberfit sweetened green tea and drank it for the first time this afternoon. Doable, not my fav but I can do it. Now lets see if I can get up first thing in the morning and do it! I'll let you know.

terez 05-27-2009 08:23 PM

How much do you have to choke down in order to benefit? Like with the weight loss?

cindy_cfids 05-28-2009 05:35 AM

I'm not feeling like it's a good idea to mix the two now after doing it. I think I way overdid the ACV (both actually). I am bad about if a lil is good, a lot is great. Not feeling like this is good idea in these quantities at all. I haven't got my honey yet, so didn't add honey. I also added several Tablespoons instead of teaspoons and feeling overdone. I'm backing off the ACV for awhile I think. I never felt this way on the KT, but now thinking it's not good idea to mix the 2 and definitely not to overdo it.

fawn 06-17-2009 11:04 AM

If one works two might work better? You're right Cindy, that's not always the case but kudos to you for that need to find superior health.

The two can be combined into your life harmoniously girl. However, both in large quantities can be hard on your stomach. While the acids provide great benefit, too much can be harsh.

Use your ACV in dressings, drink 12-20 oz. of kombucha a day and you should be just fine. I also accompany a heavy protein meal with either kombucha or ACV for digestive help.

moderation is key.

cindy_cfids 06-17-2009 02:09 PM

Like I have a clue about moderation :laugh: I've had no bad responses from KT, I'm scared of the ACV though. I am sure it's because I am full of acetic acid with the KT. I haven't tried the ACV since. I did "spritz" ACV on the tip of my tongue from a spray bottle and it was enough to make me rethink mixing the 2 again (probably all in my mind, but not ready to try again lol)

I do think, especially after reading Dr.Jarvis book "Folk Medicine" that raw honey probably has the same type of synergy with raw ACV as KT due to the gluconic acid and the minerals & enzymes.

iamfaithful 06-22-2011 06:27 PM

Cindy, I have been taking 2T Braggs ACV for a long time for inflamation. It is the only thing that keeps "Arthur" in check. My friend in AK also does the same thing. @ 1st it was difficult but I put it in 2 parts water 1 ACV plus a little honey or raw sugar to take the bite off. Honey from what I am told by health professional (notmedical) is for the sweetning & any other good antiacterial things in honey. Did you know you can put it on a cut or abrasion to aid in healing?

I read ALL of the Kombicha thread & when it stopped on July of last year I felt like I lost good friends. I am incubating my 1st baby now.

I plan on continuing the ACV (I sip on it through the day) & adding Kombucha. I saw the name somewhere and have almost become obcessed with it. In times past when something this strong has been driving me - the end results have been close to miraculous.

I am not saying kombucha is a miracle drink & I don't expect miracles, but I think our Master places natural things here for us to try before and or including man made Rx. People in China & the orient/Russia live long healthy years... Maybe fermented foods & drinks? Worth a try... Not looking for a "good feeling" just to feel good & be in less pain.

I think your quest is parallel to mine...
IF we will put our faith in the One that Created this universe and Breathed His Life into us, maybe quit trying to analyize

iamfaithful 06-22-2011 06:34 PM

CONT everything and do what He is leading us into with our limited resources on the matter of Kombucha.... Maybe - just maybe - we will arrive at the improvement in our health we are seeking. I have ALWAYS found this to be true. I feel you and I are traveling parallel journeys... Would like to walk yours with you...

PS was very cincerned when the last post on the Kombucha thread was you didn't have the energy..... And then no more posts...

Be encouraged!

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