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Old 06-14-2014, 01:03 AM   #1
Junior LCF Member
Join Date: May 2013
Posts: 16
Gallery: Fast Eddie
Money Saved dieting with Atkins:

Before I started the Nutr./Keto. plan I did intensive research on cost at a Weight Clinic. I WAS BLOWN AWAY at what they charge !! $90. a week for De Hydrated food. Anything else was EXTRA $$$$. My Consultation was $100.00 Here I eat regular food I can share with my wife; who isn't dieting. I have steaks, bacon&eggs,Atkins snacks etc.I can eat THE RIGHT WAY at restaurant dinners with my buddies or at barb-q parties,and never get looked at like I'm some Weight Loss Freak. Its EASY if you know the Do's & Dont's. The Atkins Carb Counter really helped me PLUS this site with the comebacks. It means a lot to me to have people answering my posts&sharing info.I'm now down 19 lbs.+ 2 mens pant sizes, in almost a month !! I have Keto. urine strips which I check twice a week .Hope this enlightens someone else who is in doubt about which "Road to take" in the Diet Game.
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Old 06-14-2014, 01:34 AM   #2
Junior LCF Member
LCandproud's Avatar
Join Date: May 2014
Location: Norcal
Posts: 25
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WOE: ketogenic
Start Date: may 2014
Way to go fast Eddie! I feel the same way, with this WOE I never feel isolated or not able to take part in celebrations with family. I think that's a really important aspect when you are making this work for the long run. I'm getting married in Vegas next month and I can't wait for the seafood buffet!
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Old 06-14-2014, 04:24 AM   #3
Chatty Cathy
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Join Date: Mar 2000
Location: Ontario
Posts: 16,751
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Stats: 228.5/168/125
WOE: N.K.=vlc/hf/moderate protein & organic/pastured
Start Date: Restart Oct 18 2009
That is fantastic Fast Eddie!!! The most important thing for me in being here almost 5 yrs later is this forum!!
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Old 06-14-2014, 05:13 AM   #4
Major LCF Poster!
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Join Date: Dec 2013
Posts: 1,192
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Stats: way too much/157/145
WOE: moderate carbs
Start Date: October 2013
Yes, Fast Eddie! People talk about how much it costs to eat low carb. Sure, meat is expensive but I feel much better about spending that money on REAL food that will sustain me rather than $3-4 on a bag of carb chips that won't last an evening and provides no nutritional value or satiety. And a good slab of prime rib, say, fills me up and I'm not hungry again for hours and hours and hours and hours.
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Old 06-14-2014, 08:33 AM   #5
Major LCF Poster!
Join Date: Mar 2013
Posts: 2,417
Gallery: Patience
And as I've moved into a more NK type of plan, I really don't need much protein each day. So it doesn't end of costing so much once I moderate protein intake, and I feel I can invest in high quality food choices.
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Old 06-14-2014, 11:20 AM   #6
Senior LCF Member
grneyedldy's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2013
Posts: 824
Gallery: grneyedldy
I agree Patience, my food bill has come down too. Actually for several reasons......

1. The obvious - no expensive processed junk food
2. Moderate protein (including my husband)
3. I only buy meat when it's on sale and I buy more than one.
4. I'm cooking large quantities and portioning meals. No more waste (I was very guilty of this).

Not groceries, but food budget related:

5. I no longer eat any fast food
6. I don't eat out as much as before
7. My alcohol costs are non-existent now.....huge money saver

I'm sure there are more that I will think of, as soon as I hit the post button. Of course there are costs I didn't have before.....things like coconut oil, coconut flour, Lily's Chocolates, nuts, nuts and more nuts and the like. And then there are some additional supplements, but over all the monthly food costs have not only come down, we are eating very healthily to boot (well hubs still eats a lot of carbage).
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Old 06-14-2014, 11:54 AM   #7
Major LCF Poster!
Join Date: Mar 2013
Posts: 2,417
Gallery: Patience
I also try to shop sales for CO (which has a long shelf life, etc.), and other things,
Giving up my daily near-bottle of wine a couple of years ago was a HUGE savings, as you say. I also often divide meat into 2 or 3 oz servings before freezing.
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Old 06-15-2014, 03:16 AM   #8
Junior LCF Member
Join Date: May 2013
Posts: 16
Gallery: Fast Eddie
Congrats on your upcoming wedding. Hope you& hubby have many HAPPY years together. Thanks for your comeback&for being my "Low Carb" friend. This diet takes "Bulldog" determination as you well know . I went to a Late Model Stock Car race last night and that food at the fairgrounds sure smelled good--deep fried pork tenderloin (to die for) & mini taco's. That's as far as I got-- sniffing it ! I stood outside and watched the people eat. I'm over it !!! I got myself some ice cold bottled water-- Yum Yum Yippee/Skippy!!!!!! (ha ha)
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