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Courtneylovecobain 05-14-2014 09:03 AM

Problem with ketosis
Hi guys,
I am new here and I hope you could give me your precious opinion.
I don't understand why but ketosis seems to be very hard for me to reach.
Yesterday I was in ketosis and I have been fasting from morning to evening; the strips showed that I reached it. I just had a couple of black decaf coffees with sugar free syrup (so it means that sweeteners aren't affecting my ketosis..)
Then I have dinner with noodles no carbs or calories and sauce made with peppers and tomatoes and I still was in ketosis a few hours later.
Then I had a 0.1 natural yogurt and it stopped.
First question: even a 0.1% could knock you out of ketosis?
Second question about today: I woke up on ketosis then I had lunch with
100 gr of smoked ham and a can of tuna. I drank a glass of tonic water light and a coffee (deca), with almond milk (unsweetened).
Then I wasn't In ketosis anymore.
Could you please suggest me why?
I am also avoiding diet coke but I think that is not the issue here; I have been following diets all my life and it seems I am resistant to them.
Also I have thyroid issues and it's not easy for me to lose weight but the opposite is very common (gaining easily despite all the efforts).

Please let me know your thoughts.

clackley 05-14-2014 05:03 PM

Sounds as if you are using urine strips. These are not good measures of ketones for a number of reasons. How do you feels?

backseatadventurer 05-14-2014 06:28 PM

It would be great if you could give us some more information on what your macros are, your caloric intake and how close you are to your goal weight. That would help to narrow down any issues. Maybe some more information on what you're eating and how you're measuring ketosis?

EricaHV 05-15-2014 08:32 AM

I have had a little trouble staying heavily in as well, and I have not eaten off plan since I started. I eat a very clean high fat, low carb diet. Fruit definitely kills it for me, even in TINY amounts.

I also really think stress is a big factor for me, so I am working at stress reduction. I also try to always sleep from 10 pm - 6. This week has been crazy so I have not had much luck with those two. :)

Courtneylovecobain 05-16-2014 02:14 AM

Hi guys! Sorry for the delay but I was expecting to get a notification email and I didn't!
So, my story is a bit long and complicated; let's just simplify everything saying that my thyroid has always been an obstacle for the weight loss. I am 1,80 tall and, at my worst, I weighted 95 kilos (before any medication). I was 17 now I am 27; also I was a professional athlete so it was frustrating to carry all that extra weight on the tennis court (and also unbelievable as I was eating healthy and moving A LOT!).
Anyway in the last year I have been able, with a lot of struggle and healthy food, of staying 80kg which is basically my goal weight now.
I jave been following dukan several tomes in the years since it forst appearance and it was the only diet who seemed to work for me; side effect: too much dairies have me acne as I found out a slight intolerance.
To be perfect I should weight 78kg roughly, I have big bones. Anyway last year I have an autoimmune attack to my thyroid and I started to gain weight.
No matter what I did, nothing seemed to work; I tried atkins (and I didn't like it as I had to count a lot the percentage between carbs, fats and protein and I wasn't satisfied with the protein intake... ), I tried paleo but, while my partner was losing several kilos, I was actually at the same weight.
So I have been trying to eat a little bit of everything, trying to reintroduce fruits (for instance), rice here and there after YEARS without them.
MISTAKE!!! My blood sugars spiked and when I measured then I had 130!!
I was shocked... So I started with Dukan again and, so far, I feel better and less bloated. I have to say I am doing MY version of this diet that means I am not eating dairies as they ABSOLUTELY bring me out of ketosis as milk. Dukan allows you to have 1kilo of dairies per day, so I thought that I could have some extra virgin oil like two tbsp instead of one. Yesterday I also are a tbs of coconut yogurt and ketosis is still here now.
What is your experience with unsweetened almond milk and ketosis?

Anyway I am also mixing with Dukan the 5:2 diet twice a week, so that my weight loss would be quicker as I have some important meeting next week and I'd like to feel good with myself!!!

Anyway about ketosis I have noticed that if I take it (with urine), after eating it's always negative (I also drink at least 1.5 l per day). Usually later afternoon or morning is always positive!

Thanks for your help!!

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