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abuvia 05-13-2014 06:09 PM

Levels of ketosis?
Please humor me as I'm afraid this may be a stupid question, but I'm curious so I'm going to ask. I've done some reading on NK & ketosis, but admittedly my eyes tend to glaze over on the really scientific parts...

Why does "deep" ketosis matter? If I'm only lightly in ketosis will I burn less fat? Burn fat more slowly? Or be more likely to slip out?

I'm asking because even when I change things that *should* put me more deeply into ketosis, I still lose the same 1.5 lb/wk.

Not complaining about that! But, I am curious.


clackley 05-13-2014 06:51 PM

What is I you are doing to measure ketosis?

abuvia 05-13-2014 07:10 PM

I'm not testing my blood, but am going mostly by symptoms: lack of hunger and bad breath. So, nothing scientific.

But, I have noticed that when I ate 60 (total) gm carbs, I had ketosis symptoms and was losing at the same rate as now when I'm down to about 20 (total) gm carbs.

I'm assuming I'm more deeply in ketosis. But, since I'm losing at the same rate... I guess I'm just wondering if that's normal. Or, if there are other benefits that would recommend being more deeply in ketosis.

sbarr 05-14-2014 07:16 AM

Perhaps you are carb tolerant. 20 vs. 60 is a pretty big difference - but, maybe you can lose at either level, many people can.

Context, timing and duration for the 20 grams vs. 60 grams is important. When you ate 60, was this 60 grams per day for 7-14 days, or was it one day? Was the 60 grams per day at the BEGINNING of your diet (when rate of loss is higher?) When you ate 60 grams, how long had you been in ketosis.

50 grams seems to be the cited upper limit for remaining in nutritional ketosis. Rule of thumb - ketone levels should be 0.5 - 3.0 (you'd need to test your blood to know exactly what your levels are). You can lose in light ketosis and you can maintain in heavy ketosis (which would be defined by the ketone level) - weight loss all comes down to whether your body is at a deficit (which is highly individual).

If whatever you are doing is working for you and you continue to lose, then I would think you'd want to continue with what is successful. If you're not measuring your blood, go with your appetite and breath or however you are able to detect that you are on the right track.

If you want to consume more carbs, perhaps you could consider an Atkins approach and add 5 carbs per week (up to nutritional ketosis 50 gram limit) and as long as you continue to lose, you're doing fine. If you stop losing for a couple of weeks, then you can interpret that your carbs are too high and ratchet back down.

Myself - and maybe this is a short-term luxury, I am using the blood ketone meter because I like seeing a hard number at a point in time. I'm actually more interested in my ketone level than the scale some mornings, although my short-term goal is weight loss.

That said, at your current weight and rate of loss - you're doing great. I hope I can continue with a 1.5 per week rate when I get down there (without chewing off an arm). :hyst:

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