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brachetthecub 02-24-2014 01:57 PM

Coconut oil & increased pulse rate??!

Hi guys/gals, just joined-see my intro! Ok...enjoying the joys of coconut oil...have 20gm (2 uk tablespoons) in my coffee & for the past week most nights I've had 'fat bomb' type chocolate ultra low carb freezer fudge nightly-45gm-so probably on average 75gm a day of coconut oil! My blood pressure is lowest its been (115 to 118 over 75-82-also gave up booze 3 months a go & workout 3 times a week)...however pulse even on waking is 85-90 (was 75) & last 2/3 mornings i 've got up feeling slight -moderately anxious/stressed for no reason. Read somewhere when in ketosis that coc. oil is literally like brain food so assume I'm taking too much-also read it can cause this & very minor palpitations. Apparently it will pass. Anyone else had experience of this? Any feedback/advice? Gonna cut down to the big spoon in coffee only + cooking for a few days to see how it goes-or should I tough it out & let it sort itself/ Any ideas?

finallylosing 02-24-2014 03:21 PM

When I first started eating coconut oil, other than just frying my eggs in it, I got a warm all over feeling and then my heart would start to race and I would feel very anxious. I cut it back a bit and everything was fine. Now it usually doesn't bother me in any quantity but every once in a while I still get that warm feeling.

cfine 02-24-2014 04:16 PM

I did this also. Just cut back and then ramp up slowly. I can now eat several tablespoons per day with no issues.

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