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islegirl 02-20-2014 11:33 AM

Which books?
Hi everyone. I am so excited.:clap: I have been reading Maria Emmerich's book "Keto-Adapted" and am loving it. I enjoy the way she writes and find it fairly easy to understand. I just wish she'd written it with an "index". But that's okay. Can't put my finger on it but what I've read so far has me more enthusiastic about my future than I've felt in a long time - I think this will be the woe for me from here on. Right now I'm taking it day by day and have been fasting on almost water alone this week. Now I am in deep Ketosis and at last my appetite is gone. I feel peaceful. I need to proceed by checking out what you guys and gals eat on a day-to-day basis - menus. So I'll be reading many of your posts in this section of LCF.

I didn't fully understand that we can't store protein and that when you eat too much it turns into sugar in our blood via gluconeogenesis. (sp?) I think I'm pretty well convinced too that my hair will now grow back in if I stick to this woe.

I am seriously thinking about buying more of her books - her cookbooks and was hoping that you would please tell me which ones you have and like the most?

Hope you are all thriving as I hope to be soon. Yay!

barrybush 03-10-2014 06:17 AM

I bought the Keto Adapted, Slow Cooker and Sweets book. I am very impressed with them all. This is my 3rd attempt at losing weight with nutritional ketosis. Keto Adapted helped me understand why I had trouble getting into ketosis before and why I was constantly getting knocked out. I now understand that for me, I can't afford to cheat, I can't afford to drink diet drinks. Her book contains a lot of documented research that will help me stay the course. Keto Adapted is a must read.

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