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kellyterp 01-20-2014 06:33 AM

NK/LCHF While Nursing
Hi there,

Looking for anyone who has continued nursing their baby while in NK and whether this affected their milk supply. I've been LCing on and off since my son was born 7 months ago and have never noticed any discernable impact on my supply. I'm at it again but with an emphasis on NK/LCHF this time... I'm very excited to be trying this out BUT I noticed last night that my milk supply *seemed* to be lower (felt much less full at his last feeding or two) and he wanted to eat in the middle of the night, which is unusual for him. So I'm obviously starting to freak out a little bit. :sad: Looking for anyone else to share their experiences... I am reading very mixed things online and would prefer to hear from real people who have done this and what their experience was!

Not sure if some context is helpful, but here's what I ate yesterday:
-Cup of coffee with HWC
-1 "fat bomb" (coconut oil, cocoa, butter, erythriol, natural SF peanut butter)
-Leftover LC meatloaf with sour cream and a little shredded cheddar cheese
-Large-ish salad for dinner with chopped egg, chicken, full-fat ranch dressing, little cheese, veggies
-1 GG bran crispbread (3 carbs) smeared with full-fat chive cream cheese

Thanks in advance!!

lowcarbella 01-20-2014 07:20 AM

Hi Kellyterp,
I have stopped breastfeeding now,but when I was ,I LC'ed with no problems.But I started out at maintenance levels and slowly backed out carbs when I hit a plateau.
IMO there is no need to eat a stricter version of LC if you can eat at higher levels and still lose.
In my case,I actually found my milk increased and baby put on good weight after I was in NK/LCHF.
But I think I ate more protein than what I see on your menu.

Also keep in mind that some women hold onto the last 20-30 pounds and this is hormonal.I had a great whoosh with my first.I lost all the 60 lbs I had to lose with my first one in a year and couldn't keep the weight on me although I was eating maintenance levels.
With my second,I had such a hard time dropping a pound,it was all hormonal.
Even at stopping at 15 months,I was in a hormonal fog for a good 6 months.

Also babies go through growth phases where they want more someday.
A great book that helped me was Mother Food.Great resource for increasing milk supply.Mothers Milk tea also helped tremendously.

bottom line is we are all different,if you find NK interferes with supply,you may want to stay at a higher phase of LC until you are done.
Whatever you do,do not give up on BF hoping to lose more weight.You may be sorry that neither you lost any,and feel more guilty for stopping abruptly.

I could hardly find any info online about LCing and breastfeeding,let alone NK and BF.
Hope this helps.You may have to find that sweet spot,wishing you all the best.

luckymuma 01-21-2014 04:20 PM

How old is your son? Has he started solids yet? I lowcarbed this was for the last few months of breastfeeding, but my son was three, so it wasn't a volume thing for him.

I can say though that even for the non low carbers, there does come a point where your breasts don't feel so full all the time, that you even stop feeling the let down, that you also stop leaking everywhere. Extra feeds happen to women no matter what they eat, often it's due to growth OR development spurts, things like teething, or illness like colds in bub that show up later.

Your calorific I take sounds fine, as long as you're eating to your hunger, staying well hydrated all should be fine. Calories, more than carbs ensure milk is being made. Let him feed on demand for as long as he needs, and check out developmental feeding. They have done some research around increases in milk consumption as well as unsettled phases that seems to fit all babies. He may be at one of those points?

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