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DebbyCDA 12-31-2013 05:50 PM

anyone use powdered (heavy) cream?
Hello all!

I work in a correctional center and can't bring 'regular' food inside the fence. We are allowed a coffee maker. I won't use the commercial powdered creamers, and we can't bring in liquids. I found some powdered cream on Amazon, but thought to check in with you to see if any of you have any brand preferences. Thanks! HAPPY NEW YEAR! HAPPY NEW YOU!!


Ntombi 12-31-2013 05:56 PM

I haven't tried it, but the one I see on Amazon looks like it would be a better choice than the usual "creamers." I'd give it a go.

Let us know how it works for you.

Happy New Year!

ravenrose 12-31-2013 07:48 PM

I would be concerned about getting it to dissolve in your coffee. can you try a sample?

Ntombi 12-31-2013 07:59 PM

The review I read said to dissolve it in a small amount of liquid first.

Elgar 01-03-2014 09:59 AM

I haven't tried powdered heavy cream, but I love Nido powdered whole milk. Depending on how low carb you are, it might be a choice for you. I use it when travelling as it dissolves instantly in hot liquids, and I feel it is a much more healthy choice than powdered non dairy creamers.

Janknitz 01-03-2014 03:44 PM

The problem you should be aware of with any powdered dairy products (including whey protein powders) is that the dairy product is highly oxidized in the processing--that becomes inflammatory when we ingest it. It's not good for our bodies.

I totally understand the problem, and if it's really important to you to have coffee during the day, WITH cream then go for it. At least it's better than powdered non-dairy creamers which are a disaster healthwise.

I can't keep real cream at the office, so I've decided to drink my coffee with cream at home and have tea during the day (can't stand coffee without cream!).

Interesting that they won't let you bring in real food, but a white, powdered substance is OK in a correctional facility??? :dunno:

DebbyCDA 01-03-2014 04:06 PM


Originally Posted by Janknitz (Post 16740472)

Interesting that they won't let you bring in real food, but a white, powdered substance is OK in a correctional facility??? :dunno:

I understand, believe me! :lol: I too can't drink black coffee. I'm trying to keep my fat % up during the day so I don't raid the vending machines ;) I'll keep searching...

THANKS everyone!! HUGS!

MerryKate 01-04-2014 01:12 PM

This might be a good time to try bulletproof coffee, assuming you can take in solid butter and/or coconut oil.

GME 01-04-2014 02:51 PM

Can you bring those little sealed creamers? If so, there is one that is real cream. Something Moo, I think.

Patience 01-04-2014 05:29 PM

I sometimes carry MTC oil in small dropper bottle. Use it at coffee shops, at work, or while traveling. Easier to use than butter or CO or Cream. I just say it is sweetener, as I use a recycled liquid stevia bottle (my husband uses that stuff!). Do you think they would question that?

Mistizoom 01-08-2014 12:08 PM


Originally Posted by GME (Post 16741788)
Can you bring those little sealed creamers? If so, there is one that is real cream. Something Moo, I think.

I do use Land O' Lakes Mini Moos at work. It is real half-and-half. I agree that would be a good option if you can bring in sealed containers. Then again, maybe you can't since you can't bring in a sealed container of heavy cream?

DebbyCDA 01-08-2014 03:23 PM

Thanks everyone! :shake:

I REALLY wish I could bring liquids in but I can't, regardless of quantity. I have done, and will do on a more regular basis, BPC to drink on my commute, and I have some fat bombs in the fridge for when I get home before dinner's ready. I think what I'll try doing is have BPC for b'fast, eat as LCHF as I can with what we're served in the dining room - typical cafeteria carb-fest {one day's offering was breaded, formed chicken patties, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, gravy and stuffing - seriously?? :sick:}, and then eat as close to 100% fat dinner at home. {oh and BTW I didn't eat that! LOL Just unsweetened iced tea and egg salad, made with the chopped hb eggs from the salad bar mixed with mayo and mustard.)

Oh well, just gotta make the most of a nutritionally bad situation. :dunno: HUGS!!


Mistizoom 01-08-2014 05:58 PM

Wow, it definitely sounds like you are making the best of it! The salad bar sounds like your friend at work!

lowcarbella 01-13-2014 02:52 PM

too bad they added milk powder to it.I cannot have casein,so this product will be useless for me.I wish they came up with just HWC only.

Dahilz 01-14-2014 01:49 PM

Perhaps you could speak with the manager over the cafeteria. He/she may work with you to bring in special food to fit your dietary needs. Others may appreciate it if you do.

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