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Arctic_Mama 12-30-2013 07:43 AM

My pledge -
In troubleshooting myself on my own thread, the issue seems to come down to perfectly planned days and evening overeating. Some of this may be hunger, but some could just be a discipline issue and I'm going to tease out which one it is. NO after dinner eating unless there is real hunger. Cures to this may not include chocolate or pork rinds ;).

My go to satiety foods are almonds and hardboiled eggs, so I'll eat a half ounce of almonds and one hardboiled egg and wait a half hour, to see if that squashes any real hunger. If I'm still feeling munchy but not hungry, I'm taking the tough love approach of hot tea and a spanking for my inner two year old. This is ridiculous and I've been at weight management long enough to know that I can't blame a diet that is otherwise solid if I'm not exercising some discipline in my habits. And if I'm still hungry after that discipline and snack, we may have a real issue. But now I'm wondering if this is just residual cravings from my laziness in December? :annoyed:

My diet today has almost 1800 calories, 35 grams total carbs, 88 grams protein, 142 grams fat. That should be satiating, but just barely, and knowing my body wil produce symptoms of stronger ketosis and weight loss (energy, slightly chilled, good digestion, etc). My extra potential snack still keeps it in that range and shouldn't mess up my gram counts too much, either.

Sound plausible?

Ntombi 12-30-2013 06:04 PM

It sounds plausible to me! Let us know how you get on. :shake:

cfine 12-30-2013 06:37 PM

I think my inner two year old might need a spanking(or two) also.

unna 12-30-2013 11:09 PM

So, in other words:

1. you've formed the habit of overeating at night, which you now need to focus on re-forming.

2. you are not producing leptin appropriately, which regulates your hunger.

Well, the habit will be easy to re-form in a few weeks. The lack of leptin may, however, continue to be a problem.

You could make a plan and change something in my diet.... maybe incorporate some new foods as "go-to" foods.

But to be honest, I still am on the fence about this one. I'm not sure if it is better for overall weight and well being to eat a diet that is simple and predictable (less food variety, but also less work/though regarding food preparation and less food reward), or if one should try to continually vary things to ensure micronutrients.

As far as ancestral or hunter-gatherer approaches are concerned, scientists have argued for both (that they had a sparse diet/ that they had an extremely diverse diet). So, anyway, this information only helps us to conclude what we already knew:

Humans are very flexible when it comes to eating.

Good luck!

Arctic_Mama 12-31-2013 07:04 AM

I don't vary my diet much, I'm a comfortable mono eater and hit all my nutrients well or to excess between my food and some targeted supplementation. The more I change things up the tougher it is to manage, so I just don't bother.

Last night was successful in part because it was weird. I was quite hungry earlier in the day but pushed off eating longer than usual, then left lunch just barely satisfied (I hate that). But I had a long phonecall with my mom and then errands with my husband and kids, so we didn't eat dinner until quite late. I did have to change my dinner plans from burgers to rotisserie chicken with mayo, but I only overate my protein target by about 20 grams, which is great for me (100 grams even). I was over on my calories a bit because I bought new olives and had to try them out, but I kept it pretty reined in compared to some of the days I've had lately. I don't know if I wasn't hungry later because dinner was much later than I normally eat (8 pm instead of 4 pm) or because I had a hunk of chicken, one that I couldn't actually finish before I felt full. But either way I feel better this morning and, though I ate 2000 calories instead of my 1800-ish target, consider the day a success. Fat grams were in the 170 range, off the top or my head and without opening my tracker back up.

Today I'll be planning my menu out in much the same way and see how I feel.

MerryKate 01-01-2014 01:42 AM

Arctic Mama, I also have had a problem of overeating at night. I've found cutting off my eating at 8 p.m. really does the trick. At that point I brush my teeth and put in my retainer. Taking it out again is enough of a chore that I really have to think about whether I want to eat. I've heard from others that the act of brushing one's teeth is a mental signal that they're done eating for the day and can help curb snacking at night.

If you're feeling true hunger, I'd look at the amount of protein you're eating. I know a lot of the protein recommendations are 1-1.5 grams/protein per lb. of lean body mass, but for many of the women on this board, that range is too high and results in low ketones and more hunger. Cutting back your intake by even 10 grams/day can reduce hunger dramatically....something to consider.

Blue Skies 01-01-2014 01:01 PM

"I don't know if I wasn't hungry later because dinner was much later than I normally eat (8 pm instead of 4 pm).

We usually eat dinner between 7 and 7:30. For me, this is very helpful in not snacking after dinner, as I'm simply not hungry till I go to bed. This is hard to do w/young kids though, and you've got a lot of them.

But it might be interesting to experiment w/eating later yourself and seeing if it reduces your night time snack craving. You can always join the family at their meal, but eat yours later. Although I admit, that's not an ideal scenario for many reasons.

Honestly though, If I ate dinner at 4, I would definitely be back in the kitchen by 10, particularly as I don't go to be till 11 or 12. But in the end, all of our body clocks and schedules are unique and based on things we feel comfortable with or are the way they are due to all kinds of thing. There's many a way to work around what's not ideal.

I appreciate your smart approach to how you run your woe...reading, learning, questioning, experimenting. I have found those things always lead us to a better place.

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