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itsmeshelly01 10-20-2013 11:35 AM

Back to Keto
Well, i gotta go back again to what i know works. I have been doing great all week and finaly dropped a couple of pounds. I just feel skinnier when im not eating carbs. Even my little apple per day was too much. Very sad!!
But I have been eating higher fat and less protein and not many carbs and feel good.
I bought some MCT oil adn start my day with 1T in my coffee and i think that really helps the ketosis and helps regulate my appetite.

So, i hope this works and i can get down a size 8 before i get married in less than a month!!
I am a size 10 but even some of them are really tight. I guess i would be happy for just my 10's to be a little loose. Im going on a cruise on the 16th and i know i wont keep up my keto plan while im gone. Im not even gonna say i will cuz i know i wont.
I love coming here and reading. Wish me luck!!

cherylockholmes 10-20-2013 11:57 AM

Good luck!! I have MCT oil, but haven't been using it...I don't know why...I need to start adding it my coffee again!

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