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clackley 09-10-2013 06:13 AM

Hey there N.K. folks, it's TUESDAY! What's on the menu?

bpc and 1 coffee/hwc
bacon, tomato, homemade mayo wrapped in a romaine leaf
egg foo young
nori, if I feel the need

TOTALS: 11g carbs 85g fat 43g protein

cfine 09-10-2013 01:05 PM

Hey Cathy!

B-eggs w/butter
D-hamburger patty
S-BPC, turkey pepper w/cheese

AnnetteW 09-10-2013 02:20 PM

B- coffee/hwd, 3 eggs, 1 T butter
S- almonds
L- chicken thigh/leg, celery (lots) and mayo (lots)
S- ?
D- zuchinni, meatballs (prepackaged, ugh) some sort of tomato sauce (ugh). I'm not eating that much dinner tonight

Coffee and more cream is sounding pretty good right now. I want to watch a movie and knit a little....off to make coffee.

Mimosa23 09-11-2013 05:09 AM

Hi all!

Seeing as this is closer to my WOE than regular low carb, I hope I'm allowed to post here too...

B: BPC with heavy cream
L: homemade chicken broth with a pat of butter
D: BF is making ham and cheese omelette...

I'm trying to fast somewhat today, so no solids until dinner. I have just had my broth (it's lunchtime here) because I felt a little peckish. I'm now feeling happily satisfied. I'm going to try and do this for a while to see if I can help my weightloss and inflammation issues I'm having at the moment. (bad back and other joints)

clackley 09-11-2013 05:59 AM

Of course you are welcome here and your plan sounds really wise and hope it works!

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