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Chyrie 08-30-2013 12:14 PM

Help; planning my husband's menu
I'd like to get my spouse involved in losing weight and he often makes it hard on me because he refuses to stay on it 100%. His attitude is "If I start exercising and building muscle (not seeing it yet), I'll lose weight...food doesn't matter"
The problem is, I am responsible for all the meals (including one sent with him to work...otherwise he will likely get high carb crap for lunch) he eats. He sees no problem with eating low carb 80% of the day with a high carb treat as desert. (which will force me to do a lot of paleo baking)

I'd like to come up with a menu, including a portable lunch that is completely vegetarian. Something doable on very little time with no or little soy.

my husband is 6 t tall, 230 lbs, 41 yrs old and works a sedentary job (he's a computer engineer) His father is only 18 yrs older than him and has been diabetic for 3-4 yrs. I am worried about my husband ending up becoming diabetic because of all the rice, sugar and carbs he eats.

I already feed him a low carb high fat breakfast (3 egg omelet, various veggie filling, sour cream, cheese) I need lunch and snack ideas.

stawalke 08-30-2013 06:01 PM

hi. i am pretty new to this myself so i may not be a lot of help. one thing i have learned (at least for me) is organization is key. it's when i don't have something on hand to eat that i fall off a bit. i am still playing around with recipes. i have made a few soups that have been ok. also made a tuna casserole and a cheesy broccoli casserole that were supriselny good. stuff like that is pretty easy to put in some Tupperware and warm up at work. when all else fails i just get a cheeseburger and don't eat the bun.

Punkin 08-31-2013 05:38 AM

[QUOTE=Chyrie;16581877]I'd like to get my spouse involved in losing weight and he often makes it hard on me because he refuses to stay on it 100%. His attitude is "If I start exercising and building muscle (not seeing it yet), I'll lose weight...food doesn't matter[QUOTE]

my husband is the same way. I used to laugh because he would workout on a cardio machine for hours and then eat a couple of bowls of chips a night and drink whiskey, thinking that he was going make gains by doing all that exercise.

I have basically given up on counselling him. Instead I just answer his questions when he asks me about diet and exercise, telling him about what works for me and leave it at that. He thinks I am too skinny and have an eating disorder. Because I weigh/measure everything I eat and I am very lean and muscular compared to him. But unfortunately he is still in that mindset where he thinks he was "born to be fat," and that all you need to do is exercise to lose weight. Even yesterday I was trying to show him how he can use his weight training program to build muscle and burn off some excess body fat at the same time, and he said that he read on the net that........

My point is that I have found that you can't really counsel others with respect to getting to a "healthier place." They basically have to find that pathway on their own. I basically do the same thing that you do. If it is my turn to cook for example, I just cook us a healthy low carb meal. He eats it. Sometimes he will only eat a bit of it, but when he queries about why his appetite is reduced I just tell him about the high fat advantage. Even the other day I was watching a video that one of the LCF members had posted about sugar. He stopped and watched it with me! This is a big step. He then started reading the labels on our crackers for sugar content. I said nothing but was thrilled that he was doing this. He also asked me about why he was so hungry after work and I explained about how HC diets work. I said I would make him a trail mix with nuts and coconut to see if that prevents him from stopping at McDonalds on the way home and gorging on fast food. These are changes that I am so happy about :jumpjoy::jumpjoy:

We still have some issue because we have a four year old. Obesity unfortunately runs in his family and yoyo dieting and type 2 diabetes runs in mine. So our child might be in trouble. He still gives her chocolates and candy as treats. But we have come to a place where if she wants food rewards she goes to daddy and other rewards to mommy. Sounds like bad parenting, which it may be, but I have a girl friend who constantly fights with her inlaws over food because she doesn't allow her kids to have anything with sugar. It is never a good scene and the kids are deprived all the time. I am hoping that my good eating habits which have been processed food and sugar free for years will eventually wear off on those around me. People are starting to get curious about why I am shopping at holistic grocery stores now and asking me questions. I am now just learning myself that I need educated responses for when these questions come up. My PT leader said I should shop in my personal trainer uniform once in awhile. I haven't quite got to that point yet.

Natalia 08-31-2013 06:33 AM

Hi Chyrie,
I can certainly empathize! I have a man that loves to eat!
He will think nothing of having two large plates of supper and then a bowl of Doritos !
It's maddening at first, but now I look at it the other way. Think how horrible it would be if I was feeding him a carby supper and he was eating the chips. He's getting far less carbs this way.
A few idea:
For lunch, does he do dippables? Something like hummus and vegetables or a buffalo chicken dip with veg is very filling!
Low carb bread with a double portion of protein
Leftovers of supper
Low carb chili made with black soybeans and hamburger
Chicken/tuna/egg salad
WB wrap filled with veg, cheese, meat

Supper, check out the food porn threads. Delicious! If he needs to grab something, tell him to grab a mcdouble and side Caesar and pitch the bun n croutons
Otherwise, we eat:
-big Mac in a bowl
-taco salad
-grilled steak with any side
-pork sirloin or tenderloin, roasted veg
Bunless burgers
Rotisserie chicken with broccoli salad
Meatballs with fauxtato salad
Pulled pork and coleslaw

Basically anything works just pitch the carby side. Hub is a mechanic so he expends a lot of energy. A couple times a week, when he asks, I make a carby side like basmati rice, that he enjoys. The other times he eats LC. He has lost 34 lbs and kept it off!!! He does better than me because he has no food issues and never eats when he's not hungry.

I pack electrolyte squeeze water enhancers for him and make almonds, macadamias. And deluxe roasted mix nuts for him to have available at work. I buy him jerky as a special treat every few months. The one thing he says is a lifesaver are turkey bites by Pillers. They're refrigerated meat sticks. He eats them between meals if he's snacky.

Chyrie 08-31-2013 06:51 AM

my husband (as I mentioned in the above) is a vegetarian and as he has been one for 20 years, its not likely to change.

Diabetes appears to run in his family but I Have no clue about mine...my grandfather died of heart disease, but he was a smoker.

Rice is one of the issues I have with him....he loves paneer/Indian food. I am going to try the cauliflower rice with him.

Natalia 08-31-2013 07:08 AM

Oh I'm sorry. I thought only you were vegetarian .

That would certainly be more of a challenge .

Does he eat eggs, cheese, nuts, and meat substitutes?
Where does he currently get most of his protein?

Natalia 08-31-2013 07:10 AM

Maybe something like Carb Addicts Diet would work with him.
CAD has a LC breakfast and lunch, and balanced supper so he could have Indian at supper.

Chyrie 08-31-2013 07:12 AM


Originally Posted by Natalia (Post 16582891)
Oh I'm sorry. I thought only you were vegetarian .

That would certainly be more of a challenge .

Does he eat eggs, cheese, nuts, and meat substitutes?
Where does he currently get most of his protein?

Nope, I gladly eat red meat and other proteins lol :D (mostly red meat and eggs right now since I am attempting to stay in ketosis)

He eats eggs cheese and nuts, and some soy but we try to keep the estrogen substitute to a minimum.

I did just make a almond butter bread...hopefully that will help him stay low carb.

Gabby1 08-31-2013 07:13 AM

Good lunch items:

Quiches- good hot or at room temp (with or without crusts)
Curries made with peanut butter and coconut milk and veggies and tofu
Almond crackers and a cream cheese based spread
Hamburger casserole (many on Linda Sue's web site) that you can sub TVP?
Macadamia nuts
Peanut Butter Fudge (search Sugar Free Sheila's peanut butter fudge- it is crazy delicious)
Easy Low Carb Custard (2 whole eggs, 6 yolks, 1 c Davinci syrup-any flavor, 2 c cream- mix and bake in water bath at 350 for 1 hour)
One Minute Muffins with cream cheese and nut spread (the OMM's are very versatile- as you can make him sandwiches)
Cream Cheese Muffins


Gabby1 08-31-2013 07:20 AM


My husband LOVES the almond butter zucchini nut muffin (or pumpkin spice muffin) recipe that I posted in the recipe thread. One of these and a high fat smoothie for breakfast and he is all set. He also likes them for snacks.

Natalia 08-31-2013 07:20 AM

B: fried eggs and BPC
L: egg salad on almond bread, or hummus with veg and flax crackers,
Or almond butter on an oopsie, or cream cheese and cucumber on LC bread

S: whatever he normally has but the carb portion can't be bigger than the protein portion.

Chyrie 08-31-2013 07:30 AM

Great ideas thanks!

I am wheat free (I am gluten intolerant) so he does get labels somewhat (he's used to looking at ingredients) .... hopefully I can get him to change slowly. At least he's listened to some youtube videos with Gary Taubes speaking or the author of Wheat Belly...so he does get that wheat is bad for you.

My 2 oldest (I have a newborn) stay with my Mom for the weekend but the oldest would prefer to eat low carb. Thankfully my Mom is now eating low carb as well so I don't have to worry about them getting too much bread at her house now.

emel 09-03-2013 07:41 AM

If he's doing moderate or high carbs, he'll need to watch the fat content of his meals.

My husband enjoyed a lot of my low carb, higher fat recipes along with eating a standard american diet. We had to have a discussion about his 'mix and match' eating. I was concerned about his fat intake with the LC recipes, because his carbs aren't low enough to enjoy the fat-burning benefits of a ketogenic eating style (whereas the higher fat recipes are exactly what I need, being low carb/moderate protein).

Maybe he'd do well on something like a zone diet plan or a mediterranean-style plan.

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