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Hot Potato 06-05-2013 10:05 PM

Am I in ketosis?
Hello all, I hope you don't mind me sticking my head in :)

I am new to this forum. I am from Melbourne, Australia; 41 years old with lots of weight to lose! I have a question I am hoping someone can help with...

I bought my first bottle of ketostix today and just tried one out (I haven't eaten or drunk for four hours and it is now 2pm here).

The test showed glucose level of 0 (first green box on left of bottle) and the ketone level was 1.5 (middle box which was a dark salmon color).

The brand I used was Bayer Keto-Diastix.

Is this an okay level? Does it mean I am heading for ketosis?

Many thanks :)

clackley 06-06-2013 09:25 AM

Hi Hot Potato and welcome!!

You are using a kind of stick that includes a glucose reading which is not generally necessary on low carb but maybe you are diabetic and that may be different. The ketone reading does tell you that you are producing ketone bodies of one type and that would most definitely indicate that you are burning fat (can be dietary and/or stored body fat).

The dip sticks are not a great tool but can be somewhat useful. Many people here use blood ketone meters (much like the glucose meters) or they rely on how they feel and monitoring their menus closely.

Let us know how you are doing!!

Hot Potato 06-07-2013 01:36 AM

Thanks Clackley :)

I did another pee stick today and there are more ketones than yesterday. It is now 4. I guess I am in ketosis!

lilbeetle 06-07-2013 02:53 AM

Hi Hot Potato,

I just noticed your stats: 117.4kg/114.4kg/99kg

Can I ask how tall are you?

Hot Potato 06-07-2013 03:25 AM

Sure thing :)

I am 164cm.

lilbeetle 06-07-2013 03:40 AM

Thats quite light. I weighed 99kg a few years ago and that was just under 45kg. Im 5'3. or 160cm. 117 pounds would be about right for your hight.

Hot Potato 06-07-2013 03:52 AM

Sorry, I am talking kilograms. I think you mean pounds????

I am around 250 pounds I think. Definitely lots of weight to lose!

99kg is my initial goal weight.

lilbeetle 06-07-2013 04:04 AM

ah sorry, I totally didnt see the kgs :)

Im so used to everyone here using pounds, I forget the rest of the world uses metric :D

Hot Potato 06-07-2013 05:07 AM


Originally Posted by lilbeetle (Post 16459403)
ah sorry, I totally didnt see the kgs :)

Im so used to everyone here using pounds, I forget the rest of the world uses metric :D

If only I were 117 pounds!!!! ;)

I'm metric all the way :D

lilbeetle 06-07-2013 02:32 PM

Same. Each time I talk about my weight on here, I have to google just what I am.
I 'almost' wish I was 117 pounds :)

lilbeetle 06-07-2013 02:43 PM

Getting back to the topic at hand, I dont always use the stix because after a while they stop working for you as your body gets better as using ketones as fuel.

Non stix ways I can tell Im in ketosis is:

Lack of hunger to the point of thinking about makes me nausious.
Im hot. Like how I imagine a hot flush feels, but without the sweating.
A funny metallic, smoky burning sensation at the back of my throat.

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