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Fast Eddie 05-22-2013 07:55 AM

Thanks for the comebacks on my first post. My wife's friend lost 108lbs over a year or so on the Ketosis diet through a natural weight loss clinic in Lemont,Il. She got help from them in the induction stage. She eats regular food- (no Atkins or nurtri /system prepared meals), no injections or "magic pills" that I know of----just smaller portions. Maybe I was, or am, jumping the gun but seeing is believing.This gave me the idea--High protein/low carb.= weight loss. Thanks for the support, Edward

ravenrose 05-22-2013 09:53 AM

that was the old view, for decades. now almost everyone seems to believe it should be low carb, just enough protein, and high FAT. depending on your metabolism, anything more than your required amount of protein is treated pretty much like carbs. low carbers tend to eat too much protein. it's not a problem for some people, but others find limiting protein helps them lose or maintain much better.

clackley 05-22-2013 10:08 AM

It seems that some folks, (myself included) that protein amounts did not have to be considered in the beginning (for me, it was a year). This has changed and my protein intake is considerably lower now. It is one of those changing variables. Since carbs are already low and now protein is 'moderate' the last micro nutrient (fat) must be higher.

Punkin 05-23-2013 06:26 AM

High fat is important in the beginning, to get the brain to switch to using ketones for fuel. Ie. you have to have circulating fat in order to make that happen. People that are leaner have more trouble with this because they have less stored fat, so their body tends not to release as much into the bloodstream. So for lean people, eating enough fat is significant. However once the brain switches to ketones, you can lighten up on the HF a bit and substitute a bit more protein and carbs, if desired. However it is a good idea to test blood ketones if you are going to do that just to make sure you have enough. There are other tricks you can do to get your body to release more of its stored fat, but to keep the brain happy the fat has to either come from your diet or from your stored fat. If you significantly overweight, fat release from the tissues shouldn't be an issue. If it is then you have to engage in some low intensity exercise and keep yourself warm to get it to circulate properly. Otherwise you will start feeling hungry.

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