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May60 03-05-2013 09:27 AM

Love to have some feedback!
I lost 40 lbs on the Dukan diet. I have been at this same weight loss for the past year. However, I am pleased that I have kept it off, I need to lose 30 lbs more! I was getting bored with diet, so decided to read and educate myself on other diet plans. I started Atkins on the 14 th of January this year. I think it took awhile for my body to adjust to the fats, as Dukan is a low fat diet. I love adding the fats back into my diet too...I am not as hungry either! About three weeks ago, I stumbled onto this LCHF diet and I have fallen in love!! I bought the CO and am putting it my coffee everyday!! Yum!

I am used to having no bread, potatoes, rice, and all low carbs..and I do not miss them at all!

I drink two cups of Boullion everyday for the salt, I take a muti vitamin, vit D, and C daily..should I be taking anything else and how much??

Also, I am not sure how much fat is too much...I use Co, butter, cream, cream cheese liberally. I have cut back on protein and of course I try to get my carbs from mostly veggies...I do make the lowcarb bread daily from flax meal and almond flour..love it!!
One more question...what kind of protein powder do you recommend? I read whey is not good for you?? I read that egg white protein is considered good and does not have a bad taste?

Also, I check my ketones several times a day with the ketone sticks, and I stay pretty much pink to purple all day...does this mean I am doing everything correct??

I would greatly appreciate some feedback...I think this is the diet for me!
I have lost a few lbs, but also some inches!!

clackley 03-05-2013 01:14 PM

Hi May60 and welcome!

What I say is just my opinion and everyone is different so what works for 1 may not work for another.

I am opposed to protein powder because it is 'liquid food' and that is an issue for many folks. The powders tend to be insulingenic which means that they cause the production of insulin which is not desirable. In my own experience, protein powder makes me hungry.

The ketone sticks that you speak of are of minimal use. They only indicate that you are producing 1 type of ketone and they are give false negatives for ketosis. You probably don't need to worry about being in ketosis if you have the other tell tale signs.

May60 03-05-2013 04:11 PM

Thank you for responding, clackley!! I have not purchased the protein powder for this diet. Although, I have bought them in the past, I never cared for the taste!
Thanks again!

tiva 03-05-2013 09:53 PM

I agree with Clakcey--protein powder seems pretty pointless, unless you're doing certain kinds of weight lifting (in which case, whey right after lifting seems to work, but the lifting forums can give much better info).

If you're happy with your progress, then my feedback is: great! Looks wonderful!

If you want to tweak a bit, I'd suggest that you tweak the daily low carb bread. But if you're happy with it and happy with your shrinkage, then keep doing what you're doing.

How much fat is too much? It varies from person to person. For me, much over 100 grams a day is probably not helpful, but other people can consume a lot more.

Myles 03-06-2013 05:10 AM

I disagree (with clackey) about the protein powder. For me, or perhaps for other people who are on the go and dont have time to have a proper meal, protein powder and a shaker is sometimes a god send. It's better to pull over for me and shake up a quick protein shake than to see a gas station and get a bag of chips or some candy bars. And for me - they fill me up. And not all protein powders are created equally.

I use Kaizen brand that i buy from costco, and it's a Whey Isolate which is the most absorbable form of protein i believe . I haven't heard anything negative about it.

May60 03-06-2013 06:49 AM

Thanks so much for the feedback!! I appreciate you taking the time to respond!!

I was wondering about the bread...may not have it everyday! It sure tastes good though!! I believe getting my carbs from veggies is the best way!

I understand the protein would be a godsend if you are on the go, which I am not at this time in my life. I am retired. But travel to help out my kids and grandkids, which I adore doing!! I have a Costco close by, so may have a look! Good to know!!

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