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Puny triceps

I've been lifting weights for a few months and a few weeks ago went to a 3 day split (lower body, shoulders+back, chest+biceps+triceps). I seem to be gaining strength well even though the results are not particularly visible. I'm almost 53 and "skinny fat" - well, not so skinny at this point.

The only area where I am not making any progress is my triceps. In fact, this week I lost strength there despite gaining it elsewhere. My dinky triceps are really a hindrance - I'd like to eventually do pushups but never seem to get anywhere with strengthening them. Not to mention the bat wings.

I'm also quite tall (5' 11") and very small-framed and don't put on muscle easily.

Would working just the triceps 3X week be useful while sticking to the 3 day split for the rest? I usually build to 12 reps for three sets, then up the weight, so I think I'm lifting "heavy" for me.

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What exercises are you doing now for your triceps? Triceps get worked when you are doing other compound exercises, like a chest press.

Are you doing any kind of push-ups now, like wall push ups or modified ones you do on your knees?

You could split it up and do a heavy tricep day and light another day. Heavy is 6-8 reps.

3x a week doesn't give them much rest and it takes away strength from your other exercises meaning, if you fatigue your triceps your chest press will suffer. But your goal is to make your triceps stronger so it changes things a bit.

On your chest day you could do close grip bench presses instead of a wider grip chest exercise, then hit them again later with a more isolated movement like a press down.

On shoulder day you could do dips or straight arm presses. Then an overhead isolation movement later on.

As far as doing pushups the best way to get good at them is to do them. You can start with wall pushups then you can use those aerobic steps to start yourself at an angle then gradually take the steps away until you are on the floor. Try it on lower body day between sets.

And, you can get stronger without putting muscle on. If you want to add muscle you have to make sure your body has enough food to make that muscle.
Begin with the end in mind
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i need to find the Vid of doing push ups from an elevated bar.. MUCH better than push ups on the knee.
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Old 03-05-2010, 09:59 AM   #4
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Hi Elly. Please share any successes you have with those triceps! I'm 5'10", presently 166, on my way to 145 (I hope). I'll be 52 this year. So, we are sharing a boat!

I am doing pushups, but as others have said, mine are 'modified' as I work on strength. I can say that as I'm doing the 'cheater' version I am getting better but after 1 month I still can't do one 'regular' all the way to the floor... but it will get there.

Well, maybe I could do one or two... but the third I'd land on my nose for sure...
"You must lift it to shift it!"
Weight training rocks
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