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Tcrow47 11-13-2013 01:44 PM

No suppressant! Blood pressure too high!
Hey Folks,

My name is Troy and I was reasonable active a few years ago. Lost a bunch of weight with Medi and have since gained it all back and more. Well, now I'm back to Medi and in the midst of week one. The twist is that I'm doing it without benefit of prescribed appetite suppressants due to high blood pressure.

As an attempt to help, the NP at my clinic is giving me the "Stay Slim" product in its place. Happy to report that I'm not really having any severe hunger or appetite issues. Guess the stay slim stuff actually works! Has anyone else ever done this program without the prescription?

Anyway, Im in the midst of week one (protein Only) an am restricted to 900 calories per day (Somehow that seems like more daily calories than last time).
Initial weigh in on Friday the 8th was 273 Lbs. Hit Ketosis early on day 3. Todays (unofficial) weight was 265. Official Weigh-in on Friday. We'll see.

I expect to be allowed to progress into the week two eating plan after friday, but not sure if I want to add more foods back for a couple more weeks or so.
Anybody have any thoughts on that?

Long post, I know. Please accept it as an introduction, and please feel free to comment.


Troy Crow

secret_smile85 11-14-2013 04:57 PM

I'm on my 2nd week but did not really add any of the other foods back in. I'm not ready to yet. I'm a restart as well, but mine was due to pregnancy after dropping some of the weight last time, so I had to restart because of that. Good luck! It sounds like you are off to an awesome start :)

cheftrish 11-25-2013 02:29 PM

Hi Troy, I also lost a bunch of weight with medi and did it without the prescription. I am a restart too, or will be once I get of steroids for bronchitis! There are a lot of other restarts in the medi friends in 2013 thread. Join us! :)

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