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pathol 05-02-2013 08:42 AM

Still stalled - help
Stalled on weight loss


Hi Everyone
I love the clinic I go to in Johnston, RI
They are quite caring ... in fact, I drive 20 miles further than a closer clinic to come to this one.

I've been on Medi Weightloss before and lost quite a bit.
Life happens (smile) and finally came back after a few years.
Basically mentioning this so I can demostrate I "know the drill" about the program. Smile

My question is:
I'm perplexed. I was losing weight at a reasonable rate then basically - nothing.
I'm following the program PERFECTLY - no joke - my hubby laughs at how rigorously I'm weighing food, logging, etc.
I'm drinking 110 oz of water minimum
I'm faithfully taking all the pills at set times
I'm going to the gym and using the treadmill (and adding the protein calories per calories burned as instructed: example burn 300 calories on treadmill, eat 100-150 more calores in protein)
I haven't "cheated" at all
yet - boom - I'm "stalled"

I am patient - but of course, as many of you know on this program ... there's a significant cost and I'm campaigning to my hubby to keep on it ... which is easier to win if I was actually losing at least a pound (big smile)

I was told today (I go in a 2nd time during the week to get the extra shots)
maybe I need to mix up my menu.

I need some encouragement and suggestions from the folks on the diet.
Bless the staff - but most of them have never been on the diet and it's all "theory"


Jessica1129 05-02-2013 03:09 PM

every time i had weeks where i didnt lose as much as usual my clinic told me to cut down the amount of cheese i was eating. not sure if that applies to you though. also, it seems to vary by clinic, but mine said not to replace calories burned during exercise. my protein calories were set at 500-700 and they said to eat on the upper end of that when i exercise but not to go over.

videochick 05-06-2013 03:14 PM

Exercise Calories
I agree with Jessica, maybe see what happens if you don't eat back the calories you burned during exercise for a few days before your next weigh in. There's the continuing debate if the "calories burned" readout on exercise/cardio machines is accurate.

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