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Cricketleg 03-25-2013 10:34 AM

Back in the Saddle
I haven't done Medi for 2-3 weeks. I was so stressed out with so many things going on, I just couldn't handle ONE more thing required of me (that's how it felt, anyway). I had to do some soul-searching to figure out if I wanted to stick with it, and I do.

I have two things coming up soon that I want to work for....a conference at the end of May (goal=anywhere in the 170s) and a trip to California at the end of July (goal=anywhere in the 160s). So I'm back on track today.

I maintained most of the time I was off, but the last few days have been a breadfest so that has packed a few pounds on.

Back to work!

Jillo 03-25-2013 12:34 PM

I've been off the plan for way too long. I did well just following the plan without going to the clinics - because there are none here in my part of the world. (Booo!)
So, It's almost noon on my first day. I've had 200 calories worth of scrambled eggs and an over-the-counter appetite suppressant. And some vitamins. And some green tea. And a lot of water.

I already feel awesome.

I'm going to have three more 100-calorie "meals" and then stop eating for the day - and also NOT have beer. Maybe I'll go for a walk later.

What's your plan for the day, Cricketleg?

Cricketleg 03-25-2013 03:26 PM

I exercised this morning...a Denise Austin Cardio Blast workout. So far so good on calories. Need more water though. Good luck to you Jillo!

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