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Cricketleg 02-04-2013 06:29 AM

I'm back! Disney trip was fun, but...
Hey all! I had a fantastic time at Disney. The first few days was a Disney cruise and I really feel proud of how I handled the food on the cruise.

When we hit the resort/parks though, I don't know what happened. I just ate whatever. I had planned to have a splurge meal the first day we were there (at a favorite restaurant) but never got back on plan. I justified it by saying to myself that I was walking miles and miles and miles each day (I wore my pedometer) so I was probably breaking even.


Got home Saturday night, and Sunday morning I was up 6.8 pounds!!!:stars: But I knew I'd be going back on week 1 this week to rev back up. I started back yesterday and am already down 3.4!! I knew I'd be retaining a bunch of water because I get dehydrated during travel (hate to drink water during car trips because I have to go every 15 minutes!!). So I'm glad to see that half of it is already gone. I feel confident I can get back to my pre-Disney weight this week.

I'll have to keep thinking about what pushed me out of plan. I know there was some stress involved (try going through a theme park with 18 people, some of whom are mad at you for walking fast) and some fatigue (I make poor food choices when I am tired).

Oh well. I'm home and back on plan. Time to get 'er done!!!

NCBookworm 02-05-2013 08:58 AM

Hey, Cricketleg! So glad to hear you had a great trip.

Getting right back on the horse after a slip-up is the key to reaching our goals. It sounds like you're jumping right back into things, so big pats on the back for that.

I read a book recently (Beck Diet Solution) that points out that thin people with healthy eating patterns may occasionally find, after the holidays or a vacation, that their pants are tight, their faces are looking plump, or the numbers on the scale are up. The difference between them and me (the old me!) is that these Skinny Susies just readjust for a little while (up their exercise, watch their food intake, etc.) to get back to normal. Old me would make a huge mental deal about the weight gain and give up altogether while the pounds piled on. You are definitely being a healthy Skinny Susie!

Two weeks from now, that vacation weight will be a distant memory. Keep up the great work! Again, I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed yourself.

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