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Cricketleg 12-31-2012 05:51 PM

Uh oh...I'm feeling deprived!
It's New Year's Eve and we are having a family over. I didn't make any food but we have some nuts and crackers out as well as a HUGE bowl of M&M's leftover from Christmas. I'm really wanting to dive in, but so far I'm winning that fight.

Tonight I'm just starting to feel deprived. I want some sugar so bad! I love to bake and cook and now I'm feeling like I'll never get to eat any of those old foods ever again. I'm starting to get into that mood where I'm all, "who cares? why can't I just enjoy food. who cares if I'm overweight? I love to cook and back and I should just enjoy it!"

I'm also basically out of calories today and hungry. HELP!:sad:

LTinNC 12-31-2012 06:35 PM

the low sodium chicken broth that was recommended on here was a life save the first week for me...its like 10 calories if i remember correctly, not exactly celebration food, but atleast you can sip something warm?!

snickers..mama 12-31-2012 06:37 PM


Hang in there. I think we all go through that. I have made lots of goodies and off limit foods. I know it gets hard. Potatoes. Are my favorite. You are not alone! !

CrazyCatLady 12-31-2012 08:19 PM

Beef jerky, sugar free jello, hot tea. My first night I went to the movies (didn't plan too well) but I made it through with beef jerky and a diet soda. Just tell yourself, "I can make it through this one night".

Cricketleg 01-01-2013 06:40 PM

I've been using sf Jello (I don't like jerky or tea) but I haven't tried the broth yet. I did buy some and may try it tonight.

I did buy some pork rinds yesterday and had those (although I think maybe I wasn't supposed to? I don't know!). But I ate the whole bag! 480 calories worth over the course of the day. But boy, it sure felt good to crunch! Too much salt though and I wasn't down very much today. Not like the first two days.

Brings me to a question though....that first week....did you lose a lot the first couple of days and then slow down, or was it pretty steady during the whole week? Just curious.

snickers..mama 01-01-2013 07:09 PM

I try not to weigh my self so I don't get hopes dashed when I weigh. In. I have had two Dr.d appointments. And always am lighter at medic by 5 pounds.

CrazyCatLady 01-01-2013 09:16 PM

I don't have a scales at all at home, so I only weigh at the clinic. You do usually initially lose more the first couple of weeks, because a lot of it is water weight. They explained to me at my clinic that carbs hold water somehow, and by going low carb, you lose that water weight quickly. Also, the more water you drink the more water weight you'll lose. It flushes it out (somehow). But if you eat a lot of salt, you can retain water, which will keep you from losing. I've had a few weigh-ins where I lost fat but gained in water because I wasn't staying diligent on my water intake. It can be discouraging, but water weight comes off pretty easily.

Ugh, sorry, I can't keep my eyes open, so I better get to bed before I start spouting nonsense (if I haven't already). I'll be back though!

Dinp120 01-03-2013 04:49 AM

Cinnamon dusted almonds are my go to when I want something sweet and I was able to eat some from week 2 on. They are easy to go overboard with so I always count out the serving and put the jar away before indulging. I've also put them in lf cottage cheese and Greek yogurt.

CrazyCatLady 01-03-2013 09:18 PM

Yes, portion control is key! I always take my groceries and measure snacks into single serving size portions. Then each night I plan & prepare the next days meals. I pack my lunch with two snacks and my two water bottles. Then in the morning I have a protein shake, and grab my lunch bag and head to work. When I get home I usually eat something like scrambled egg beaters - it's quick and easy. Then I start over for the next day! I think having everything planned out, including a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack helps me keep from feeling deprived. Also, plan an emergency snack that is very low calorie, like a few celery sticks or snow peas to munch on. Or sugar free jello is one of my go-to snacks. You can eat 2 cups (a whole box) for 20 calories and no carbs!

Desert-Rose7 01-05-2013 02:45 PM

Listen to these ladies, Cricketleg, they are speaking wisdom for you. Think about it...do you NEED that sugar, or just WANT it. Are you really HUNGRY or just FEELING hungry? There is a difference. One is a real need the other is simply a want. We want many things but we really only need a few. Oh...and stay away from those pork rinds....you are sabotaging yourself and barely getting started on the program.

Jo (desert-rose7)

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