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Vanity_Rage 10-28-2012 07:22 PM

On My Own
Hello! :hiya: I'm new to this web-site but am participating in Medi Weightloss....on my own. My mother was on Medi and lost over 50lbs. I have <40lbs to loose and with her guidance I am doing this at home.
I read some posts on here about people doing this as well and just wanted to share what I am doing and how it is going.
I am currently taking Fish Oil, B6/B12, Medi Fat Burner, Hydroxycut, Calcium, One-A-Day Vita Craves and Turmeric.
I know that the rule is 500 calories of protein a day and since this is still week one for me, that is what I am doing. I try to eat 5x's a day too because I find that this controls my hunger and cravings better.
Tomorrow will be my first weigh-in since starting on Monday [at 171.9lbs]
I know the average weight loss is about 7lbs...I have my fingers crossed for 9lbs.
My craving were not so nice to me the last couple days because I didnít stick to my 5 meal plan this weekend, but I never went off Medi and I did exercise as required.
Any encouragement and support would be great.
Good luck to all of you!!!!

CrazyCatLady 10-29-2012 08:37 AM

Way to go! You can do it!

Vanity_Rage 10-29-2012 02:01 PM

I lost 8.8 lbs on my first weigh in! This gave me so much energy!
So i went to the gym today and did some weight lifting and afterwards i like i was going to pass out. Due to medical reasons my mother never worked out when she was on medi. Are there certain excercises i shouldnt be doing?

LTinNC 10-29-2012 02:28 PM

i dont think there are exercises you shouldn't do per se. but you really have to listen to your body at this point. i started exercising at week 2 and i just couldnt do the intensity i was used to in cycle class, running or weight lifting classes. probably the decreased calories and your body getting used to the low calories and wt loss. i have had to play with what i eat and when i eat my work out snack. between that and my body adjusting, i am pretty much able to do everything i used to do now...i have been on medi for 6 months. my own guidelines are if i am working out over an hour or HIGH intensity for 45 mins, i have to have some carbs before i exercise and i must eat a snack (usually a protein shake) afterwards. if i am walking or biking less than 45 mins i am usually ok just eating my normal bfst (eggs and cheese and salsa) and exercising and then having early lunch or shake and then lunch around 2.

hope that helps! and GREAT job on your first weigh in!!

Vanity_Rage 10-29-2012 07:01 PM

Thanks for the encouragement and I will definitely start trying to figure out how to balance out my workouts and food intake. I run as well, 3 days and week, and just added the weight training today.. so I will certainly need to adjust something. Thanks again!

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