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ccooper916 10-16-2012 01:46 PM

Week 4 - need encouragement...only have lost 10.5 lbs since starting
okay i am trying not to give up and/or get discouraged. I am just starting on week 4 and in the past 22 days I have only lost 10 1/2 pounds. I lost 8 1/2 lbs my first week and then only a 1 lb per week. I am following everything exactly to what I can eat. I just incorported excercising last week and was told today to make sure that I replace the calories I burn. I am going to try this this and see what happens. I am just getting down....any help or suggestions would be great as far as how to increase my intake on days that I work out to replace calories burned. I am currently allowed 650 calories a day (500 of that is protein). :dunno:

LTinNC 10-16-2012 02:12 PM

hang in there! i was right there with you....i lost like 6 the first week then 3 then .5 and .5...frustrating yes. but if you are doing everything they tell you the weight WILL come off. i knew from previous diets that i have one week per month that i will lose great, then the other 3 weeks are in the 0-2 range. and that has proved true with medi, too.

the only other thing i did was try to eat a new food every day. i had gotten in a rut of eating the same thing for weeks in a row. so be sure and mix it up!

as for replacement, i have kind of learned that i don't need to replace if i have not exercised for over an hour. i eat about 800 calories a day, so if i burn 300 on a walk, i am still 500 calories and my clinic is fine with that.

i have been training for a half marathon and days i exercise over an hour (once a week) they have me on a modified plan where i eat 1100 calories but burn 600, so still left with 500 to live on. i do try to eat mostly protein..but that much protein is HARD. she has me add a fruit and a veggie and one starch on the 1100 days.

i have worked up to 8 -10 miles once a week that takes 2.5 hours. i actually eat 1600 cals on those days and she has had me add in 2 starches that day as well as 2 fruits and 3 veggies..

and i have continued to lose 1 -3 lbs per week. if i dont modify the calories, then my legs and feet feel like lead and i have a hard time pushing through after mile 6.

i will be glad when my 1/2 marathon is over (nov 3) and i can go back to just regular eating!!!

hang in there!!! lisa

ccooper916 10-16-2012 02:22 PM

Thank you...This helps. I guess I need to get a fitness watch or pedometer to be able to distinguish how many calories I am actuall burning. I enjoy step and kickboxing. It is hard to not get discouraged.

LTinNC 10-16-2012 06:00 PM

polar makes a decent watch/chest strap that will calculate your calories. i think its the f70 and its about $80 on amazon. there maybe cheaper versions out there. i have this one and then a garmin 210. when walking for 10 mins the calories cary wildly...polar will say 89, garmin says 56 and medi sight says 53 calories per 10 mins.

CrazyCatLady 10-16-2012 07:04 PM

One thing I have learned is when you exercise regularly, you increase your metabolism. So even if you add back the calories you burned in your workout, you will be increasing the amount of calories you burn overall.

And I also have weeks where I lose and weeks where I don't, so don't be discouraged! In fact, I think the few weeks after my first were the lowest weight loss for me.

ccooper916 10-17-2012 12:43 PM

Thank you. I am determined! So greatful i found this sight :)

Caterpillarinn 10-20-2012 07:24 AM

Thanks LTinNC. I think I fell off plan because I wasn't eating enough to support my exercise.

So great you are doing a half-marathon. I wish you luck!

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