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Dinp120 10-14-2012 04:53 AM

Football Season
Now that it is fall and football season is well under way, is anyone having issues staying on track because of it? I know I am! Up until a couple weeks ago my willpower had been great...I hadn't even cheated once! Now that all of our friends get together on Sundays to watch games and hang out (either at a bar or someone's house) I just can't help but have a drink with everyone...which then leads to making terrible food choices! During the week I get back on track and tell myself not to slip up over the weekend and then Sunday rolls around and friends come into the picture and all the hard work from the week gets thrown away. Maybe we just need to start getting together with other couples that don't drink! Lol. Any suggestions?

CrazyCatLady 10-14-2012 08:05 AM

Do you plan ahead what you're going to eat at these get togethers? I usually bring some jerky to chew on (it lasts a long time) or decide what I'm going to eat beforehand. I also keep my drinks to either 2 low carb beers or two vodka and carbonated waters with crystal light. So far I've done okay, but they have been outings that have only last a few hours or so. A longer time would probably be more difficult. But I would recommend coming prepared with your own snacks, or find out the menu ahead of time and decide what you can eat and stick to that. Also, order a glass of ice water between each drink. If you drink 2 drinks and 2-3 glasses of water, it seems like you've had 4 or 5 drinks! And if you mix the Crystal Light with it, no one will know you aren't having another drink.

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