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CrazyCatLady 07-26-2012 10:08 PM

I weighed 6 lbs more on my Mom's scale!!!
I should explain, let me start at the beginning. Friday night I made a rare outing to a club with friends. I kept it to a minimum of two vodka and crystal light drinks, but I always worry that alcohol will make me stall. My only consulation was that I would be working out the next morning.

I go work out every Saturday, and this is my only exercise other than taking the stairs at work. For some reason, after over two months of going every Sat, my sleep deprived brain told me it started at 11:30 instead of 11. So I stroll in and class is half over. I felt so guilty!

That night, after some other stressful stuff happened, I felt the need to binge. I ate almost a whole jar of pickles. Virtually no calories, but LOTS of sodium!

The next day I went to my Mom's for my sister's birthday lunch. I managed to eat a small serving of roast beef along with a big salad. No cake :-(. I go to the bathroom and decide to step on the scales. 200!!! After being so excited to break the 200 barrier too (I last weighed 194).

I was miserable all week and wouldn't let myself eat any extras or go over 760 calories. I wanted to do whatever I could to keep the damage to a minimum.

So today I had my weigh-in. I was so scared! I stepped on the scales... and wait for it... 191! What a relief!!! Apparently the fact that I had just gotten through eating, retaining water from all those pickles, AND the possibility that my Mom's scales wasn't accurate, all caused me to freak out for no reason!

So that was my nerve racking experience. I don't know the moral to the story, except maybe don't freak out over the scale! :-)

Twisted Suze 07-26-2012 11:08 PM

If I do get on a scale away from the clinic, it's at home forst thing after getting up and after going to the bathroom. I even wear the same t-shirt and underwear each time so the clothes aren't a variable factor.

I never get on the scale later after eating or drinking Anything.

You almost pickled yourself !
It was just a salt thing.
I love Claussen dill pickles, myself.

Last year, when my husband went in for a routine followup (BP meds) at our family doctor's office and he thought his weight was high on the scale the nurse had him stand on so he asked if he could weigh on one of the other scales. (they had 3 then).
He got on the other scale and he weighed 5 lbs. less !
"Well...I guess we need to adjust our scales !"....the nurse said.
Busted !
Actually, I don't think it was intentional, but I'm glad he was the one in there who asked for a different scale.

CrazyCatLady 07-27-2012 12:38 PM

Yes, I pickled myself! LOL!

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