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Papa Smoke 06-27-2012 08:52 AM

Medi Rogues
My wife and I have been going to a Medi Clinic for 7 weeks so now, we are broke! ;) We have each lost 25 pounds and are having no problems sticking with the LC plan so we want to continue. Our problem is we simply can not afford the clinic as it runs us $140 EACH week and insurance does not cover it.

I would like to start a good thread for like-minded people in which we list each supplement, vitamin, shot, etc. that Medi provides, along with the safest and most cost effective alternatives we have found and where we find them.

At my clinic, we are offered:

Phentermine (A.S.) - I have found no replacement yet.

Weekly shot - I take Nature Made Super B Complex & GNC B-12 1000mg

Omega - 3 1000mg - I take Spring Valley 400 I.U (I take 3)

Inner Balance 1000mg - I take NON-Sweetened Psyllium husk powder 3400mg per tsp. This WILL slow down weight loss a bit as it retains water in the bowel BUT helps with that "binding" problem.

Vita Super - I take generic Centrum Silver

Fat Burner - I take Chromax Plus 500 mcg & Green Tea extract

Calcium 4 Blend - I take Nature Valley Calcium Magnesium & Zinc (2 caps)

With Medi, you are taking between 2000 IUs (male) & 2800IUs (female) of Vitamin D. My Centrum only provides 500 IUs. If you don't get out into the sun, you may consider buying a separate vitamin D supplement.

That is it. All my "extras" come close to, meet, or exceed Medi's "extras" at 1/4th the cost.

How about YOU? What have you found that is SAFE, WORKS, and is CHEAPER? Any other tips or tricks?

tm501 06-27-2012 02:27 PM

I had to stop going also because of the cost. I can't rationalize $70 for 10 minutes. They had given me phendimetrazine as an as, so now I have my regular doctor prescribe it. I take it 3x a day and my doctor gave me a 1 month allowance on it. It only cost $19.99

You may want to try that.

Medi fat burner- green tea liquid soft gel
The rest I kind of mix- a multi vitamin, mag, super b complex, and fish oil. I figure I never took a vitamin before going to medi so taking all this I'm ahead of the game!

veggies4health 07-02-2012 01:49 PM

I don't have a Medi clinic near me, but had good success at a clinic with medifast-type protein drinks, so I think the Medi type diet will work well for me, and it is real food. I also had to stop going to my clinic because of the cost.

Papa smoke, can you tell me, how many cals/carbs or what the plan is for men? I've been able to extrapolate what I think the plan is for women, but my hubby would like to start also, but I know that he probably needs more cals. I can't find that anywhere. Thanks!

chocolatefan 07-11-2012 05:59 AM

Thank you!!!
I logged back onto this forum precisely to see a thread like this! I started Medi a year ago, went for about a month to jumpstart my program, but then lost a total of 50 pounds on my own. I've gained a few back, and want to halt this trend before it gets out of hand. I know Medi works great, but don't want to shell out the bucks. So, I really appreciate this thread! Going to take these suggestions and try to add to the discussion. Thanks again!

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