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Bahet 04-22-2012 09:26 AM

Brand Spanking New
I just joined here (as evidenced by my post count duh) and my husband and I are both going to join Medi-Weightloss ASAP. We were at a neighbor's last night and she told us how she's lost 50 lbs since Jan. She really only needed to lose about 40 so he fact that she melted everything and then some that fast has spurred us into action. We both have closer to (or more than *sigh* 100 lbs to lose.) We sent an email off to the clinic she used but obviously they're closed right now. We're hoping to start on Thursday as that's the soonest we can get in during the their hours of operation.

A few questions though before he goes and signs up - he's due to deploy to Afghanistan again soon so I'm wondering if this is a program where you only pay for the weeks you go or if it's like a gym where you pay even if you don't go? We're hoping he can at least get a foundation before he deploys. Also, I'm pretty sure that the supplements/ketosis strips, etc are going to be expensive. Does anyone know offhand if you can get similar products cheaper at a regular store like Walgreens or Walmart or something?

LTinNC 04-22-2012 09:54 AM

welcome Bahet! at my clinic, you only pay if you go it. i do not know how they feel about an extended absence. if you do some reading on this board you can find similar products others have tried. since i am just starting week 4, i am still using the supplements that came from my original visit.

be sure and ask your clinic if they have a military discount, if you are indeed military. i get 20% off the visits (not products). my clinic charges $70 a week, so with the $14 off it makes it $56 a week (plus the extra injection if you choose) plus any products you buy. you can also do in internet search for coupons for the start up visit, which is usually in the $300 range.

good luck! it really works!

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