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jaspinner 04-20-2012 04:32 PM

Strange ketosis - zero in morning, small to moderate at bedtime?
:dunno: I've been doing medi for awhile. Dropped from 230 to 166. Last week I was sick and really went off the wagon! I must say - I enjoyed myself. 10 pounds worth!

I've started back again at week one with only protein. Before I was always in ketosis moderate to high with no problems. I'm now on day six of the protein week and I can't seem to really get into ketosis. In the morning I check and I'm at zero (yes - I even tried a new package!). As the day goes on I gradually increase. Before bed I'm actually in the small to moderate. However, the next day I wake up and I'm right back at zero!

Any ideas of what is going on? I know I'm only supposed to test once a day in the morning - but after day 4 with no results - I started testing everytime I urinate. What's happening while I'm sleeping and why can't I get back into ketosis? I'm strickly following the diet and portion size.


MiniMomma 04-20-2012 06:26 PM

showing any at all is showing your in ketosis, how much isnt really what matters. The strip can change based on how diluted your urine is from your water and other fluids. Possibly your body is just readjusting after being sick and going off plan.

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