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Mare :) 01-23-2012 12:12 PM

JOURNALING QUESTION!!!! Please advise ! :)
Hey all!!!! So week three visit is tomorrow!! Feeling great. Totally positive. Down 9.5 lbs as of last Tuesday. A bit slower then the first time I did Medi but I'm not complaining. ... Well sorta. Lol

Anyways quick question. (I would call my clinic but it's closed on mondays)

The 100 calorie nut packs..... I'm using maybe 2 a week (if that) for my heathy fats. Do I log the nuts as part of my daily 500 of protein or is that separate???? I don't want to skip 100 cal nor do I want to exceed 500. I'm freaking out a bit. Lol

Any and all advice is wanted here!!!

Thank you all and we can do this!!!!!!

:) mare :heart:

Michelynn 01-23-2012 06:44 PM

I would count it with your protein. The only other places you have would be veggie and/or fruit, and it certainly doesn't go there.

Mare :) 01-24-2012 06:50 PM

I did do just that thank you!! :)

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