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MiniMomma 01-13-2012 07:29 AM

TGIF and for Ketosis!
Start of Day 4 of week 1.. Ketosis YAY! Do you lose faster once you hit this point, or is it more of a consistant thing?

So excited!! :jumpjoy:

Go figure, Friday the 13th is a good day!

Twisted Suze 01-21-2012 01:34 AM

For me it kind of evened out after the first month, which is always my best month.

A lot of people only stay borderline in ketosis...some don't get into it at all but still lose weight.
Everyone's different.

MiniMomma 01-22-2012 09:17 AM

Thanks Suze, I have been staying right in the middle of small / moderate. I soooo wanted to have a nice drink this weekend (now on wk 2)but was to afraid to fall out of ketosis. I decieded that I need to give my body more time to adjust to the new way of doing things around here :)

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